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Real estate for sale in Türkiye 

Start successful investment with Kataliya Real Estate 

We always put you  In the introduction, the most important real estate projects suitable for Turkish citizenship and family housing 

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In order to find the right option for you, the Catalia team has classified the areas of Istanbul for ease of searching

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With an advanced platform for searching real estate in Turkey, you can search in more than 1,100 residential projects 

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The most important modern projects in Türkiye


Villa for sale in Beylikdüzü area
in Istanbul

Prices starting from $1,583,000


One of the finest residential projects
in European Istanbul

Prices start at $420,000


With a direct view of Lake Istanbul and options that give you citizenship

Prices start at $195,000

Custom filter to easily search for your property

Turkish Flag on Apartment Balcony

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387 Current search results

Projects according to the regions of Istanbul

Do you want to buy or sell a property?

Katalitya Property team has an advanced platform for resale apartments
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Kataliya Property Services

1-   We are in complete contrast to most real estate companies that follow the method of exaggerated persuasion with the customer without explaining the negatives of the property in question. Therefore, the customer is surprised when visiting Turkey that the specifications of the property in question are different.

2-  Kataliya property provides more than 5 thousand real estate and legal consultations to its clients on a monthly basis.


3-  All financial transactions in kataliya propertyshall be conducted in accordance with official methods and statutory contracts guaranteeing the right of the company and the customer simultaneously.

4-  We secure the choice of the best offer for our clients wishing to invest or own in terms of location and investment factors through our huge database or through our distinctive relationships in the construction and real estate environment.

5- Kataliya propert has a specialized engineering and consultancy team with careful study procedures to obtain the most appropriate opportunities while keeping abreast of market developments on a continuous basis

Kataliya Real Estate Team

Our Team





Mustafa Sufi

Director of Consulting Department

Sanaz fallah

persian department manager

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