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Real estate for sale in the city of Yalova

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Real estate for sale in Yalova .. suitable for investment and housing

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What do you think about searching for real estate for sale in Yalova, which is a destination for businessmen and tourists, as it combines the beauty of nature and the importance of real estate, as well as fits a number of other projects.

If you are specifically interested in owning it, follow these lines with us, as we will briefly talk about it.

The importance of searching for real estate for sale in Yalova :

Through real data, we can say that buying real estate in the city of Yalova is a very important and beneficial investment, as the real estate market in this city is witnessing continuous growth and growth,as the properties in it are characterized by very good prices compared to other international prices, and the city offers investors a lot of different investment opportunities in various fields it is also possible to enjoy a comfortable life in it and with a budget commensurate with a good investment income therefore, real estate investment in Yalova is an ideal choice where the value of real estate increases annually and provides a wonderful living space, and with a reliable and specialized real estate company such as Kataliya, buying becomes a very easy and easy process.

Real estate for sale in Yalova by the sea :

It enjoys an exceptional location on the sea, which makes it an ideal destination for investing in real estate, and this destination does not include any shortage or problem, which gives it a special attraction as buying real estate in “Yalova” provides the opportunity to obtain real estate residency that facilitates administrative procedures. Investors can also buy real estate in various fields such as education, health, buying and selling, and one of the most attractive investments in this region is the real estate investment, whose value is increasing annually.

Real estate for sale in Yalova in installments :

This method greatly facilitates the process, as the property is purchased by banks, instead of the buyer, and all information is recorded in the name of the buyer as it is noticeable that Yalova has achieved great importance in the real estate market, especially after the achievements that have been made through bridges and highways, and therefore many Arabs prefer to buy real estate in this region.

When looking at the advantages of buying real estate by installments in Yalova, it can be noted that it provides opportunities for investors to make large profits through renting or selling in the future, and it is also worth noting that this method facilitates the financing process, especially if the person does not have a large amount of money and this person can pay the price over a long period based on a previous agreement with the seller or financier.

Real estate prices in Yalova :

Real estate prices in Yalova, Turkey, are affected by several factors, including the type, location, condition, and external finishes of the property, in addition to the location of the apartment in the property as the properties vary in Yalova, where houses are available at bargain prices, villas, and luxury apartments that are considered a distinct investment opportunity in the city of Yalova with a bright future and prices rise in areas with high demand therefore, it is advised to deal with reliable sources and obtain accurate and comprehensive information about real estate offered for sale before making a purchase decision.

Real estate in Yalova is suitable for real estate residence :

There are properties for sale in the Turkish city of Yalova that are suitable for real estate residency, and for better offers and prices that suit the amounts required to obtain real estate residency, you can contact the experts of Katalia Real Estate Company, in addition, there are many apartments and properties suitable for obtaining real estate residence in Istanbul, in addition to other options suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, and the residence permit is renewed annually however, in the condition that they live in the property, and the owner of the property and his family can obtain a real estate residence permit for one year, with the possibility of easily renewing it.

See the most important sights in Yalova :

This state contains many famous and important monuments, the most important of which are:

1 - Termal Village :

The village of Termal in Yalova, Turkey, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the region, due to its fame for its hot mineral springs that originate from the top of the hill of Termal since Roman times as the water temperature in these springs ranges between 55-80 degrees Celsius, which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the benefits of Thermal treatment that guarantees visitors a unique and exciting experience.

The village of Termal contains three of the most important hot springs, whose construction dates back to the late Ottoman civilization, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists from around the world who want to experience pampering and luxury in a wonderful place that creates a calm atmosphere for you to relax and recuperate.

2 - Sodoshan Waterfall :

Sodoshan Waterfall in Yalova, Turkey, is one of the attractive tourist places that attract visitors from all over the world and the waterfall is located 8 km from the Termal village and 12 km away from the city of Yalova as Sodoshan Waterfall is characterized by its unique natural beauty that resembles art and magic, as it flows from the highest mountain peak and is characterized by clear fresh water and allows many comfortable areas to sit next to it and enjoy its wonderful views, as well as many restaurants and cafes that provide a dining experience in a noisy atmosphere of flowing water as many people also come to the waterfall to practice various sports such as walking, climbing and boating.

To know more information about the real estate market in Turkey, do not hesitate to follow our website constantly; Because we are keen to monitor through it all the important information and details about it and to answer your various inquiries through it.

Dipsies Lake:

Lake Dipsiz in Yalova, Turkey, is one of the most wonderful natural lakes in this beautiful country and this lake is located in the Erekli resort area, a short distance from the town of Teşkiye and extends on the edge of the charming Yalova forests and thanks to its important location above 570 meters above sea level, Lake Dipsies divides itself into two main parts, the first known as the “Big Lake” and the second as the “Small Lake”.


What distinguishes this lake is the wonderful landscape that surrounds it, where you find everywhere vast green spaces that include a variety of trees, plants, and flowers and in addition, you can enjoy watching a variety of birds and animals that live in this beautiful natural surrounding.

Walking house

On the coast of the city of Yalova, the Masi House, also known as “Koshk,” is distinguished by its unique and charming beauty, built in 1929, this Ottoman-style house is located next to a prominent sycamore tree and the house is distinguished by its square wooden design, surrounded by columns and covered with glass and crystal, which gives it a special appeal and the house contains two small rooms in addition to a meeting room overlooking the sea.


This structure is distinguished by its wonderful details, as there is a corridor that reaches the main entrance from the right side and it leads to a wooden staircase that goes up to the upper floor, and there is another door that opens to a balcony with a stunning view of the green forests and the beautiful lake and this Koshak is considered an architectural masterpiece that combines traditional Ottoman design with the beauty of the surrounding nature, making it an attractive destination for visitors and tourists.



Yalova hot springs

Yalova Hot Springs are located about 12 kilometers from the center of Yalova in Turkey and it is one of the most famous therapeutic springs in Turkey and is known for its attractiveness to visitors and tourists and these springs are distinguished by their superior water quality and purity, and have won a gold medal in quality standards in Turkey.


For nearly 2,000 years, the springs of Yalova have become a place of reference for patients seeking treatment and recovery and these springs contain excellent therapeutic water, and also gyms, swimming pools and bath facilities and these springs are directly managed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, which enhances their quality and credibility

It can be said that Yalova hot springs offer a unique experience that combines the benefits of physical therapy and relaxation, making it a distinctive destination for those seeking to improve their health and enjoy relaxing times.


Çınarcık Resort:

Çınarcık Yalova Resort is located in the city of Çınarcik, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, about 20 kilometers from the center of Yalova and this resort is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the region, attracting many visitors thanks to the beauty of the surrounding nature, which includes picturesque forests, pure air, and charming landscapes.


In addition, the resort features a group of historical sites dating back to the era of the Byzantine Empire, which increases its attractiveness to visitors and enriches their experience while staying in this picturesque region.

Chok Shedra village:

What greatly distinguishes the village of Chok Shedra, which is located about 12 kilometers from the tourist village of Termal, is its simple and beautiful rural atmosphere and the splendor of this village is evident in its quiet and unique atmosphere, characterized by rustic simplicity and exceptional warmth, as  Chok Shedra Village, which is located in Yalova Province, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy a true experience of rural life without much effort.


Apartments in Yalova

If you are looking for comfort and independence during your stay in Yalova, purchasing an apartment may be the ideal option for you and there are many apartments available in Yalova that provide modern facilities and comfortable spaces for accommodation. You can choose from large family apartments and small apartments suitable for single travelers or couples and some apartments in Yalova are located close to the beaches, while others enjoy wonderful sea views.


In addition, by purchasing apartments in Yalova, Turkey for a certain value, you can obtain Turkish citizenship and grant it to all members of your family under the age of 18 and you can also obtain a Turkish passport and enjoy the freedom of travel and entry to more than 100 countries without the need for a prior visa, in addition to benefiting from the rights of a Turkish citizen.

Steps to buy real estate in Yalova

1. Before embarking on the process of searching for real estate in Yalova, Turkey, you must clearly define your needs. Are you looking for a residential apartment? Or commercial real estate? How big is the property you want to buy?

2. Budget is perhaps the most important factor and determine your budget carefully and make sure it fits the available properties in Yalova.

3. You can search for available properties in Yalova through online real estate websites or by contacting local real estate agencies.

4. Visit selected properties to view them in person and make sure to check the condition of the property and the surrounding area.

5. Before completing the deal, make sure that the property has all the necessary papers and permits and that it does not have any legal problems

6. After choosing the right property, you can negotiate the price and terms with the seller and after agreement, the sales contract is prepared and signed between the two parties.

7. When purchasing a property in Turkey, you must pay fees and taxes related to the transaction.

8. After completing the transaction, the property is registered with the Yalova Land Registry.

9. After registering the property, you can move in and start using it.

Yalova real estate in residential complexes

1. Residential complexes provide high security for residents thanks to security and surveillance systems.

2. The complexes include facilities such as schools, hospitals, shops and restaurants.

3. Most complexes have gyms and swimming pools.

4. Children's play areas are available within the complexes.

5. Providing safe and covered parking.

6. There is a management for the complex that is concerned with the maintenance and service of the complex

7. High quality elevators for easy access to the apartments.

8. Providing central heating systems for homes.

9. Providing central air conditioning systems

10. Providing high-quality Internet services.

11. Providing a safety extinguishing system.

12. The presence of backup generators to ensure continuity of electrical current.

13. Providing kitchens equipped with appliances.

14. Use of renewable energy technologies.

15. The complex is close to public transportation.

16. Close to schools and universities.

17. Providing security and reception services for visitors.

18. Providing additional storage spaces.

19. The possibility of enjoying stunning natural views from the apartments.

Warnings when buying Yalova real estate

1. Before purchasing, study the real estate market in Yalova carefully and search for in-demand areas and current real estate developments

2. Clearly define your needs and set your budget carefully and this will help you decide what type of property you are looking for.

3. Yalova includes many different regions and choose the area that suits your needs in terms of location and surrounding services.

4. Check for infrastructure and services in the area such as schools, hospitals and public transportation.

5. Learn about the laws and regulations related to purchasing real estate in Turkey and ensure you comply with them.

6. Choose a reliable real estate developer to ensure quality construction and professional project implementation.

7. Before purchasing, inspect the property carefully to check its condition and quality of construction.

8. Hire a local real estate attorney to assist you in the purchasing process and ensure your rights.

9. If you are not fluent in Turkish, use the services of a translator or real estate agent to understand contracts and agreements

10. Check available financing options and find out payment and tax requirements.

11. Make sure the property complies with all local permits and licenses.

12. Consider whether the property is a good long-term investment and if you have a plan to invest in it.

13. Check property insurance options to protect it from potential risks.

14. Consider how the property will be used in the future, whether for permanent living or investment.

15. Rely on a professional real estate appraisal to estimate the fair value of the property.

16. Negotiate carefully to get a suitable price.

17. Ensure that all legal procedures are done correctly and in accordance with local laws.

18. Keep all documents and contracts carefully.

The future of Yalova real estate:

1. Yalova's real estate market is sustainable thanks to the constant demand for properties whether for permanent residence or investment

2. Yalova is strategically located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, which increases its attractiveness for tourists and investors.

3. Yalova has witnessed rapid urban development with the construction of modern residential projects, commercial and service facilities.

4. The Turkish government is investing in infrastructure development and major projects in the city, which enhances the attractiveness of real estate.

5. Yalova attracts tourists from different parts of the world, opening investment opportunities in short rental and hotel apartments.

6. Yalova's rich history and cultural heritage increases the city's attractiveness to investors and visitors.

7. Yalova has a diverse and active lifestyle with a range of cultural, sporting and entertainment events

8. Granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors increases the attractiveness of real estate in Yalova

9. Yalova has stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches, making it an ideal place for recreation and living



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