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Real estate for sale in the city of Ankara

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Real estate for sale in Ankara, the Turkish capital

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It is certain that the idea of searching for real estate for sale in Ankara came to your mind, as it is the Turkish capital and the future of investment projects in which you can achieve many distinguished results and high profits, especially if your investment is based on correct and studied foundations as in this article, you will get to know it closely and learn about the most important neighborhoods in it.

Find real estate for sale in Ankara for real estate investment :

Ankara is one of the distinctive real estate investment destinations in Turkey, as it offers many advantages to investors, the most important of which are low tax rates compared to other countries, the availability of easy ownership for non-Turks, in addition to safe and stable real estate growth, and one of the distinctive areas in Ankara is Cai Yolo as it is famous for its real estate investment projects that provide profitable opportunities for investors, and includes several other areas that are characterized by reasonable prices, suitable for all, and flexible laws, which makes it an attractive investment destination for real estate investors all over the world.

The most famous neighborhoods and regions in Ankara :

Here, through the following paragraphs, are the most important areas of the Turkish capital, Ankara, suitable for buying apartments.

1 - Çankaya :

Çankaya district in Ankara is one of the most prominent residential areas in the city, as it is characterized by calmness, tranquility, and an atmosphere full of reassurance and there are high-quality apartments and modern specifications are available in this area, which provide investors with a distinct investment opportunity in addition to the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship as it has also witnessed remarkable development over the past twenty years, as it has been developed into an upscale residential area that contains many social and recreational facilities, making it the ideal place to buy an apartment in Turkey and live in an atmosphere of luxury and happiness.

2 - Gölbaşı :

It is a privileged choice to buy apartments due to its many advantages, as it is characterized by excellent infrastructure that includes roads, transportation, schools, universities, hospitals, and medical centers as it also features stunning gardens and landscapes, and represents a quiet place that allows families to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, in addition, there are modern and distinctive real estate projects in the area that provide buyers with a variety of apartments, allowing them to choose the apartment that best suits their needs and financial budget.

3 - Mamak area :

The Mamak area in the capital, Ankara, is considered a promising investment area for several reasons, as it includes many luxurious and modern residential complexes, surrounded by stunning landscapes, in addition, the price of real estate in this area is still relatively low compared to some other areas in Ankara, which makes it a great opportunity for investment, and its privileged location provides many advantages of daily life, as it is close to public transportation, hospitals, markets, and universities.

4 - Cai Yolo :

Among the best real estate investment areas in Ankara, the "Cai Yolo" area stands out for its distinction and high attractiveness to investors as this area is characterized by its privileged and central location, which makes it close to all the vital services and facilities that the residents need and it is also characterized by the availability of a variety of modern real estate projects that include apartments with high quality specifications at reasonable prices.

Famous places in Ankara and their impact on real estate :

The search for real estate for sale in Ankara is driven by many important factors, most notably that it does not lack famous or important tourist attractions that attract tourists to it and that lead to activity in the buying and selling movements.

1 - Museum of Anatolian Civilizations :

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which is located south of the Ankara Palace in the Turkish capital, Ankara, is one of the most important international museums that displays an ancient history of Anatolia as the museum contains more than 200,000 artifacts dating back to very ancient civilizations that previously inhabited the region and exhibits include statues and paintings from the Bronze Age and the Middle Ages, along with wooden and glass furniture and ceramics.

The museum is characterized by its display of archaeological remains in a professional manner that makes the visitor feel as if he is traveling through history and the museum won the European Museum Award in 1997 AD as the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is an ideal introduction to the complex weaving of the ancient past of Turkey and it should be visited by everyone who wants to learn about the history of Anatolia in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

2 - Ankara Castle :

Ankara Castle is one of the most important monuments in the city of the Turkish capital, as it has a distinguished history dating back to the Hellenistic period as the castle is located on top of a strategic rocky hill that allows visitors to see the city of Ankara from all sides and the castle was originally built by the people of Phrygia in the eighth century BC as it was rebuilt later in the third century BC, and it is believed that the internal walls of the castle were built by the Byzantines in the seventh and ninth centuries AD, and some records indicate that the castle was built by the Hittites, thanks to its strength and immunity, which constitutes a famous historical landmark and a tourist attraction for the city.

3 - Kocatepe Mosque :

The Kocatepe Mosque is considered one of the largest mosques in the world, as it can accommodate 24,000 worshipers at the same time this wonderful mosque was built in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and its design emerged in the style of ancient Turkish Islamic architecture as the mosque includes a spacious and sophisticated chapel,

It features four tall minarets, each 88 meters high as this beautiful mosque was opened in 1987, and is an important destination for many tourists who want to explore the Turkish capital and learn about the beauty of its Islamic heritage.

4 - Wonderland Garden :

One of the most important tourist places in the region, as it attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to a range of activities and interesting attractions available in the place as the garden is one of the largest gardens in Europe, as it extends over an area of 1,320,000 square meters and it is divided into a group of different areas that include many trees and flowers in the area, and visitors can enjoy various recreational games and activities, such as cycling, crossing the bridge ropes, climbing and wandering around the musical fountain, and in the end visitors find themselves in front of charming green lawns that allow them to escape the stress of daily life and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Infrastructure in Ankara and the city of Ankara is famous for its strong and modern infrastructure, and this adds to its overall beauty, so it is not surprising that the city is home to important historical and modern facilities and among these prominent sovereign facilities in Ankara are the presidential palaces, as the “San Kaya” presidential palace hosted a number of former Turkish presidents, and then came the new “Aksaray” (White Palace) presidential palace, which was opened during the reign of President Erdogan in 2014 and in addition, Ankara is home to the official headquarters of the government and multiple ministries, in addition to the headquarters of the Parliament and the city offers many public facilities and parks, such as beautiful parks and large, modern shopping centers.

Transportation lines in Ankara

1. Ankara's metro system is considered one of the largest and most efficient means of transportation, covering most parts of the city.

2. Public buses provide multiple transportation options within the city, making transportation between places easy and convenient.

3. You can also use private and minibuses to move freely within the city.

4. Taxis provide personal transportation services and you can negotiate prices with drivers.

5. Ankara International Airport is located northeast of the city and is easily accessible, making travel to and from the city convenient.

6. Ankara is a major railway hub in Turkey, and is easily accessible from most Turkish cities by train.

7. Express buses provide fast and economical travel service between Turkish cities and Ankara.

Health centers in Ankara:

1. Medicana International Hospital: It is considered one of the most prominent medical facilities in the city and provides advanced medical services.

2. Gorgan Clinic: Provides specialized medical services and high-quality health care.

3. Gufen Ankara Hospital: Provides a variety of medical services including surgery and diagnostics.

4. Acıbadem Hospital: It is considered one of the leading hospitals in the field of surgery and treatment.

5. Memorial Ankara Hospital: It is characterized by advanced infrastructure and excellent health services.

6. Hacettepe University Hospital: It is considered a teaching hospital that provides specialized healthcare and participates in training doctors.

Educational facilities in Ankara

Ankara has an excellent educational environment and the city is home to many leading and well-known universities locally and internationally, and is distinguished by offering some educational programs in the English

language and among the prominent universities in Ankara can be mentioned:

1. Hajja Tepe University.

2. Middle East Technical University.

3. Yıldırım Beyazıt University.

4. Ankara University of Social Sciences.

5. Atilim University.

6. Başkent University.

7. Bilkent University.

8. Ofoq University.

9. TED University.

These universities provide high-quality education in a variety of majors and fields of study and in addition, Ankara attracts many students from different parts of the world to complete their higher studies there and this rich educational environment provides extensive opportunities for learning and research in multiple fields, making it an ideal destination for study and higher education

The impact of tourism on Ankara real estate

1. As the number of tourists coming to the city increases, the demand for furnished apartments and residential units for short-term rental increases and this encourages property owners to monetize their homes to increase their income from renting them to tourists.

2. Tourism growth develops the city's infrastructure, including roads, public transportation and services and this increases the city's attractiveness as a residential and investment destination.

3. Property owners can capitalize on the growing demand for hotel accommodation by tourists by developing hotels, serviced apartments or managing their own apartments for daily rental.

4. Tourism attracts more investors to the city's real estate market, increasing supply and demand and increasing the value of Ankara properties

5. The tourism sector contributes to increasing economic activity in the city, which enhances employment and income opportunities for local residents, and thus increases the purchasing power and investment in Ankara real estate.

Benefits of owning Ankara real estate in residential complexes:

1. Residential complexes in Ankara provide a safe and protected environment for residents and these complexes are usually secured with security systems such as 24/7 security and secure entry systems, providing residents with privacy and comfort.

2. It contains amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, green spaces, children's play areas, and other facilities that make residents' lives more luxurious and entertaining.

3. The housing complexes in Ankara feature well-developed infrastructure, including good roads and public transportation nearby, making it easy to reach other areas of the city.

4. It relies on thoughtful urban planning, which contributes to making it beautiful and architecturally coordinated areas.

5. There are often shops and commercial facilities in or near residential complexes, making shopping and accessing services convenient for residents.

6. Properties in residential complexes can be used for private housing or as an investment opportunity by renting them out to tenants and these properties are a good option for investors due to the constant demand for rent in Ankara.

7. The residential complexes offer a quiet and secluded environment from the hustle and bustle of the city, making them ideal for families and people looking for tranquility.

Advantages of owning real estate in Ankara:

1. Ankara is the capital of Türkiye, making it an important urban center.

2. Ankara is one of the most important economic cities in Turkey, offering economic and job opportunities

3. Ankara's real estate market is active and diverse, providing multiple options for real estate investment.

4. The city includes many prestigious universities and educational institutions.

5. Quality healthcare services and modern hospitals are available in the city.

6. Turkey is considered a safe and politically stable country.

7. Ankara has a developed transportation network that includes the metro, buses, and taxis.

8. There are many parks and green areas to enjoy the outdoors.

9. Ankara has modern shopping malls and traditional markets.

10. You enjoy tasting famous Turkish cuisine in restaurants and cafes.

11. There are many events and social activities you can participate in.

12. The city receives tourists from all over the world.

13. There are opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment

14. Ankara hosts many international events and conferences.

15. By purchasing Ankara real estate worth $400,000, you can obtain Turkish citizenship

16. After obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing Ankara real estate, you can apply and obtain a Turkish passport and enjoy the freedom of travel and movement to more than 100 countries without a prior visa.

17. By purchasing Ankara real estate worth 75 thousand US dollars, you can obtain real estate residency in Turkey and grant it to all members of your family under 18 years of age.

18. You can buy Ankara real estate and rent it during tourism seasons and earn a lot of returns and huge financial profits

Buying Ankara real estate in installments

1. If you are not able to pay the full price up front, you can buy Ankara property in low monthly installments, allowing you to spread the costs over a long period.

2. You can buy a property and rent it to others, which can generate additional income.

3. You can find many different offers to buy Ankara property in installments in Ankara, including apartments, villas, houses and commercial units.

4. Payment terms can be arranged based on your needs and ability to pay.

5. Sometimes, the bank provides financing to purchase real estate in easy monthly installments.

6. Installment payment terms can range from years to decades, making them convenient for most buyers.

7. Once you pay the down payment and sign the contract, you can become the owner of the property and start using or renting it.

8. If the value of the property increases over time, you can benefit from this increase when you decide to sell the property

9. With installments, you can search and find the property that suits your needs and budget.

10. Installment options often offer a down payment of less than the full price of the property.

Factors affecting Ankara real estate prices

1. Location is one of the most important factors affecting Ankara real estate prices. Properties located in central and desirable urban areas are usually more expensive than those in more remote areas.

2. When there is high demand for real estate in a particular area and supply is limited, prices can rise significantly.

3. If the area is developed by adding more facilities and infrastructure, it may increase the value of real estate in that area

4. Government decisions related to real estate such as tax legislation and credit facilities can affect prices.

5. The effect of economic conditions on prices. Decreased economic activity usually reduces demand for Ankara properties and leads to lower prices.

6. Environmental factors such as a view of the water or mountains can increase the attractiveness of a property and thus affect prices.

7. The impact of global developments such as changes in oil prices and foreign currencies on the Turkish economy and thus on local prices.

8. Factors such as the size and condition of the property and the facilities available within it (such as swimming pools or gyms) can affect its price.

9. Political and security stability can affect prices, as unrest may reduce the value of Ankara properties

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