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Kataliya Property Company

It is a Turkish company specialized in real estate consultancy and mediation, with its headquarters in. The city of Istanbul in Turkey works in the marketing of more than 900 real estate projects within the city of Turkey and provides customers with the most important services related to real estate consulting completely free of charge in the form of services (before and after the sale ).

We work in agreement with many Turkish construction companies and focus in our work on providing the right advice to our clients and selling investment and residential real estate to foreigners.

The company's departments

The company consists of a group of main divisions, including:

(Marketing - Real Estate Consulting - Sales - After Sales Services - Legal Office).

In addition to many subsections.

Online tours
Legal office
After sales

Our mission has always been: To be the ideal legal real estate advisory interface for clients, to convey the truth to the real estate investor, to highlight our experience that exceeds 10 years in the field of the real estate market within Turkey, and to clarify the idea of the benefits of real estate investment to our clients.


Real estate and legal advice via phone and social media, as the Catalia Real Estate team understands your request and begins the process of searching for suitable offers for you and sends them via WhatsApp and email, in addition to answering your real estate and legal inquiries until The date of your arrival in Istanbul.


Airport pick-up service.


Real estate tour service, where you can, after your arrival in Istanbul, make visits to the projects suitable for you and take offers and direct details of the project and the region.


Pre-sale services such as obtaining a tax number and opening a bank account.


Sales services such as auditing the sales contract and preparing the necessary documents for issuing the title deed, in addition to following up the issuance of the title deed and reviewing the tapu department to sign and receive the title.


After-sales services, such as procedures for receiving the apartment, opening water, gas and electricity meters, in addition to renting apartments and following up on the tenants’ affairs.


Applying for Turkish citizenship and following up the file through the company’s lawyer until obtaining the Turkish passport.

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Kataliya Property Team

The Kataliya Property family includes approximately (25 employees), of various nationalities, including engineers, consultants, administrators, technicians and lawyers. It operates in a system compatible with Turkish labor laws within a harmonious work environment for all.

Our motto

Your property is our property and our credit is the secret of our continuation





Mustafa Sufi

Director of Consulting Department

Sanaz fallah

persian department manager

Our team
Our message

​Since its inception, Catalia Real Estate's strategy has been based on distinguished monitoring projects that have promising real estate investment opportunities that serve our customers and their requirements in a professional and honest manner, and at the same time, achieve a high level of profitability for our customers while striving to provide continuous advisory and legal support to customers with well-thought-out plans in continuous development. Thus, the company achieves a positive balance in meeting the needs of both real estate investors and our existing customers.

Our activities vary by providing support to clients to invest in real estate in the Turkish city of Istanbul, lands, hotels and commercial magazines.

Given that all of Catalia Real Estate's activities are built on the foundations of the belief that the team of workers in the company are in fact its creative source and the makers of its success, the highest priority of the company's management is to secure the highest levels of skill, knowledge and capabilities within its team. Thus, the highest levels of professionalism and creativity are achieved in the company's activities.

Kataliya Property activities

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Excellence and innovation




Truthfulness and honesty


Customer satisfaction


Good reputation


Good behaviour


Always uplifting


Perfection and accuracy



As we always strive to be: To be the most reliable and most distinguished reference in real estate marketing companies, to build a long-established name in the Turkish market, and to deliver our clients to obtain a good and successful investment return in Turkey.

Characteristics of Kataliya Property

We deal with the largest, reliable and reputable construction companies in the Turkish real estate market within permanent partnership contracts.

Extensive knowledge of Istanbul investment areas

​Agreements with the most prominent constructional companies

Follow up on the Turkish citizenship file until it is received

The right advice

We deal with only reliable construction companies with a good reputation

Its great and long experience in the Turkish real estate market


​Request a real estate tour online with the Kataliya Property team

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