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Online real estate for sale in Türkiye

Welcome to Kataliya Property

Advantages of purchasing a property online with Kataliya Property
1- Special offers and exclusive discounts on real estate projects 
2- Providing accommodation and lodging expenses to Türkiye. 
3- Buy time in seizing limited offer opportunities, especially exchange rate differences 
4- Maintaining confidentiality and privacy in the ownership process 

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Steps to purchase real estateOnline 

When you want to own a property inside Turkey and you are outside it and you do not have enough time to come to Turkey, we at Catalia Real Estate can provide the service of purchasing real estate online through virtual tours of the projects with a sales representative from our team and providing tours of all the projects that were previously sent to the client through our real estate consultants.
The Catalia Real Estate principle is based on providing comfort to the customer in various real estate sectors through the high-quality services it provides, which include pre-sale services such as real estate and legal consultations, real or virtual real estate tours, and services during the purchase of the property such as opening the bank account and tax number, checking purchase documents and contracts, and following up on transfers. Financial and after-sales services such as tax exemption, obtaining the title deed, and following up on matters of Turkish citizenship and real estate residency, in addition to opening water, electricity, and gas meters, furnishing apartments, and managing real estate, including leasing and following up on tenants’ matters.

 Contact us and obtain property information:
The buyer writes to us to ask about a property for sale in Turkey, and provides us with the details and features he wants, and specifies the areas in which he is looking for a property, the type of property, the limits of the required space, and the budget allocated to purchase the property.

Take a free virtual real estate tour:
The virtual tour includes a set of options for the buyer to chooseIt is done through:
Get to know the area and the project’s surroundings through direct video and audio communication with us
Learn about the residential complex plan and the apartment plan
View apartment details
Verifying the legal matters of the project in general and the chosen apartment in particular  :
This stage begins if the client likes the apartment, where special legal procedures begin by our legal team, ensuring the safety of the construction company, the complex, and the apartment, and that there is no legal obstacle preventing us from owning this apartment. The real estate evaluation and suitability of the apartment to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship or real estate residency are also verified. If the customer is interested in obtaining one of them.
Signing the sales contract:
This stage begins with organizing an agency for the company's lawyer or your private lawyer at the Turkish embassy or consulate
In the country where you reside, let us complete all procedures legally. This stage includes:
- Negotiating the price, method of payment, and delivery date
- Sending contracts via mail to the customer to sign, then signing the contracts by the construction company and sending the original copy via the shipping company to the customer.
- Pay the price of the property or the first installment thereof via bank transfer

Tabu registration:
We also, after your authorization to us, follow up on the transfer of the title deed, register the title deed in the name of the buyer, and commit to sending
Copies of contracts and instruments signed directly to the buyer.

Receiving the property:
You will be able to receive your apartment key from us on your first arrival to Istanbul.
Finally: After completing all stages and purchasing the property online, you can apply for Turkish citizenship if the value of the real estate exceeds 400,000 thousand dollars.

Property management:
After receiving the key to the apartment through the legal agency, we rent the properties if the client desires to do so, organize the rental contract and send it to the client, in addition to following up on the tenant’s affairs periodically and following up on the financial transfers and their arrival on time.

Turkish Flag on Apartment Balcony

Steps to getTurkish citizenship or residency

After completing the process of purchasing the property online, if you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship or residency, Katalia Real Estate Group can also help you with this very easily and without any additional costs as follows:

  1. Prepare the required personal papers for you or your family

  2. Send a special power of attorney to our company’s lawyer who specializes in Turkish citizenship matters to apply in your name, along with the required papers

  3. After completing the process, which takes about 90 days, you can simply continue the process of obtaining Turkish passports directly through the Turkish consulate in your country of residence.


Request a real estate tour online with the Katalia Real Estate team

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