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Real estate for sale in Trabzon, the city of beauty and tourism

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Real estate for sale in Trabzon, the city of beauty and tourism

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Start searching for real estate for sale in Trabzon now, as there are still many opportunities in that city, and take advantage of it being a tourist destination throughout the year in the real estate investment project, many advantages that you will get, and if you have questions about it, do not hesitate to follow with us those lines that we have prepared around.

Real estate for sale in Trabzon for real estate investment :

Trabzon in Turkey is a popular destination for real estate investors, whether they are from inside or outside Turkey, this city is characterized by many real estate features, such as the charming mountainous terrain, and the Black Sea, which speaks of the wonderful beauty of nature in it, in addition to many economic and investment advantages that make it a suitable choice for real estate ownership in Turkey.

The city center, project lands, and commercial, tourism, and educational potentials are some of the best areas for real estate investment, in addition, Trabzon also offers some distinctive characteristics that make it an ideal place for real estate investment, such as the availability of hotels, resorts, and health centers, and good infrastructure coverage in the city.

In the end, it can be said that Trabzon is a privileged region for real estate investment and ownership in Turkey, and experts advise that it be placed among the options for investing in real estate after the major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul.

Real estate prices in Trabzon - Turkey :

It is noteworthy that the real estate market in Trabzon has witnessed an active movement recently, and a rise in real estate prices in this region, however, real estate consultants confirm that the factors affecting real estate prices in Trabzon are the same factors affecting real estate prices in the rest of Turkey and among these factors: supply and demand, changes in the economy, politics and government legislation, as well as intense competition between different real estate companies for clients and investors.

The impact of tourism on Trabzon real estate :

The increase in tourism in the state has prompted the real estate sector to move to cater to the needs of tourists and this has had a great impact on real estate prices and related matters and if you want to make good profits through real estate investment in Turkey, you should choose real estate in Trabzon, as it is considered one of the best investment areas as real estate in Trabzon has found great interest from foreigners and Arabs, which has led to an increase in demand and thus an increase in prices, so the impact of tourism on the real estate sector in Turkey has a significant and noticeable impact now and in the future.

The most important tourist attractions in Trabzon :

Learn about the most famous places that prompted foreigners to search for real estate for sale in Trabzon for investment.

1- Uzungol Lake :

Lake Uzungol is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey as it is located 99 km from the city of Trabzon in northern Turkey and it is characterized by its unique beauty that attracts many tourists from neighboring parts and around the world and the lake is also surrounded by mountain heights and natural waterfalls that emphasize the beauty of this place as visitors can enjoy many activities in this area, such as hiking, camping, swimming in freshwater, and enjoying the stunning scenery as the weather is mild during the summer, but it is cold and snowy in the winter, so the most favorable times for tourists are during the summer and fall.

2 - Sumela Monastery :

The Sumela Monastery, also known as the "Monastery of the Virgin Mary", is a prominent archaeological landmark in the city of Trabzon, Turkey, as it is distinguished by its beautiful location on the steep slopes of the Pontic Mountains as the monastery was built in the fourth century, improved in the eighth century, and contains a large collection of wall paintings chronicling its history and religious teachings.

It is about 50 km away from the city of Trabzon, and is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level as it is characterized by its calm atmosphere that attracts a large number of local and foreign visitors annually, in addition to the natural beauty that surrounds the monastery, it is considered one of the marvels of ancient architecture.

3 - Trabzon Castle :

Trabzon Castle is one of the prominent historical monuments located in the city of Trabzon, northeastern Turkey as the castle was built on foundations dating back to the Byzantine Empire and the castle includes three parts: the upper castle, the middle castle, and the lower castle as this huge castle overlooks the Black Sea coast and offers wonderful tourist views to its visitors and the castle includes many ancient walls and archaeological symbols that reflect the rich history of the region as it is one of the important tourist areas in Trabzon, which makes it one of the most visited and attractive places for visitors.

Ataturk Palace:

Ataturk's Palace in Trabzon is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, as it is located 7 kilometers from the city center and consists of three floors and the palace was built in a Greek architectural style, and was restored so that it appears in its current wonderful aesthetic appearance and within the corridors of the palace, many objects are displayed and which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk used during his visits to the palace.

 The palace also has a distinctive outdoor garden full of colors and fragrant scents and it is recommended to visit the palace when the weather is beautiful and the air is fresh, to enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the city of Trabzon and the surrounding nature.

Sirajul Lake:

Lake Sirajul, also known as the Eye of Beauty, is located in the Akçaabat district of Trabzon province on the Black Sea coast and this lake is only 18 kilometers away from Trabzon International Airport and about 12 kilometers away from Trabzon city center.

Lake Sirajul is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, including Arab visitors and whoever visits this lake finds himself witnessing a stunning natural painting that inspires admiration and is a reminder of the beauty of the prominent tourist places in Turkey.

Ataturk Square:

Ataturk Square, also known as Trabzon Square, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the city of Trabzon and this square is located in the heart of the city and is characterized by its strategic location close to the main tourist attractions in Trabzon.

Ataturk Square is the main urban center of the city, home to many of Trabzon's famous hotels, restaurants, cafes and hospitals and in addition, Ataturk Square hosts many government institutions and offers a wide range of Turkish and international shops and brands.

The presence of this vibrant square in the city center makes it an ideal place to explore the beauty of Trabzon and enjoy a mix of shopping, entertainment and cultural experiences.

Akcaabat Park:

Akcaabat Park is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Trabzon thanks to its charming view of the sea and this park is located on the side facing the Black Sea along the road parallel to Samsun, about 1 km from Akcaabat and about 12 km from Trabzon city centre.

Akcaabat Park is characterized by its picturesque green scenery that meets the coast of the Black Sea, creating an exceptionally beautiful and attractive artistic painting and it is an ideal place for entertainment, outing, sporting and cultural activities, and it is also close to the main markets of Trabzon.

The park contains multiple entertainment, sports and cultural facilities, and on the western side of it, visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the Black Sea from an amphitheater from which they can watch the sunrise and sunset, and all of this reflects the enchanting beauty of nature, as Akcaabat Park is an enchanting natural haven that attracts tourists and captivates their hearts with its unique and enchanting beauty.

Haidernabi Heights:

Haidernabi  Heights, also known as “Nabi Khidir Plateau in Trabzon”, is considered a picturesque place characterized by its stunning beauty and charming location in the heart of the mountains and among the clouds.

These highlands are located in the heart of the wonderful tourist areas in Trabzon, as they reach an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, and are about 55 kilometers from the center of the city of Trabzon in Turkey

The Haidar Nabi Heights are distinguished by their exceptional natural beauty, where fog and rain meet green meadows, meadows, springs and lakes in a breathtaking view that enchants the hearts of visitors and tourists and we highly recommend visitors to visit the Fish Lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in this region, as visitors can also enjoy an array of cafes and restaurants high in the highlands, where clouds can be seen touching the mountain peaks, creating a magnificent, magical and unforgettable view.

Sultan Murad Heights:

Sultan Murad Heights is located in the east of Trabzon, about 106 kilometers from the city center and this region is named after Sultan Murad VI, who crossed it during his return from Iran and performed Friday prayers with his army there.

The area is distinguished by its proximity to other tourist areas, as it is only a short distance of about 38 kilometers from Lake Uzungol and visitors can easily visit these beautiful areas without having to travel long distances.

Sultan Murad Heights offers a wonderful artistic painting during the summer, thanks to its stunning views from the mountain peaks and above the clouds and in winter, the area is covered in white with snow, giving it unparalleled natural beauty and making it one of the most beautiful areas in Turkey.

Hagia Sophia Mosque:

The Hagia Sophia Mosque in Trabzon was established in 1238 AD, and it symbolized the conquest of Trabzon and this mosque was initially a church before it was transformed into a museum, then it was transformed again to become a mosque bearing the name Hagia Sophia, a word meaning divine wisdom and the mosque is distinguished by its basic structure, which is considered a model of the most beautiful Byzantine churches, which are considered masterpieces of ancient architecture.

Trabzon Museum:

Trabzon Museum, also known as Kostaki Palace in Turkish, is a palace with exquisite and beautiful geometric decoration and this palace is located on Uzun Street and is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Trabzon and this palace was built in the early twentieth century and consists of 3 floors.

The first floor includes many Roman works of art and drawings, in addition to exhibits displayed in the basement decorated with handmade decorations and the palace also includes a living room, a café, a waiting hall and a library and many musical performances and various art exhibitions are held on this floor.

Ayder Village:

Ayder Village is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Turkey in general, and in the city of Trabzon in particular and this village is distinguished by its unique beauty, which is evident in its picturesque waterfalls, dense forests, and towering mountains, which gives it an indescribable description.

What distinguishes this village from others is the presence of hot water baths and enjoying the therapeutic properties of the sulfur springs in Ayder and there you can book one of the private cabins at Ayder Resorts to experience unparalleled tranquility and privacy.

Tourists can also enjoy rafting on the river that connects Ayder Village to the city of Trabzon, which adds more activities and charming experiences to the visit.

Çal Cave:

Çal Cave is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Trabzon, and is considered the second longest cave in the world in terms of length and this cave is located about 47 kilometers from the center of Trabzon, and its door is decorated with a wonderful waterfall that adds a special charm to the place. From behind the waterfall, stunning views of the mountains of Trabzon can be seen, which are covered with snow throughout the year.

The cave is distinguished by the presence of unique limestone rocks and the abundance of stalactites and stalagmites in it and it also contains lakes formed over millions of years, in addition to small waterfalls and many other waterfalls spread in different areas of Trabzon and it is also characterized by the presence of waterways that add to its unique beauty.

Steps to owning Trabzon real estate

1. Before starting the ownership process, create a solid plan and determine your investment goals and budget.

2. Visit the different areas of Trabzon and explore the properties available for sale.

3. Make sure that the property you intend to purchase has all the necessary legal papers and permits.

4. Negotiate with the seller the price and terms of sale.

5. Make sure there is a formal contract that clearly defines the terms of the deal.

6. Conduct a technical inspection of the property to check its condition and quality.

7. Decide how to finance the purchase, whether you will pay cash or take out a mortgage.

8. Register the purchase contract at the local land registry office to transfer the property into your name.

9. Make sure to pay all fees and taxes related to your purchase.

10. After purchasing, you may need to manage and maintain the property, and you can use the services of local property management companies.

11. Decide how you will use the property, whether it is for personal residence or to rent as an investment.

How to make profits from Trabzon real estate?

1. Search for Trabzon properties in areas characterized by high demand, whether for residence or tourism and these areas include the waterfront, city centers, and popular tourist areas.

2. If you prefer long-term rental, you can rent properties to tenants for long terms such as years and you may need to work with a real estate agency to manage the property and ensure continuity of income.

3. Expect an increase in the value of real estate over time, and therefore you can make profits from selling the property after a period of investment.

4. You may invest in improvements to the property such as renovating the kitchen or bathroom or adding additional amenities and this can increase your rent and property value.

5. Make sure the property is well managed and regularly maintained to maintain its value and appeal.

6. Consult a local real estate consultant or real estate agency with experience in the Trabzon market for personalized advice and information about investment opportunities.

7. Ensure compliance with all local and national real estate regulations and taxes.

Cheap Trabzon real estate specifications

1. The specifications of cheap properties in Trabzon can vary depending on the region and property type, however, here are some common specifications of cheap properties in Trabzon:

2. Cheap Trabzon properties are often smaller in size compared to more expensive properties and they can range from small apartments to small homes.

3. Cheaper properties are usually in areas further from the city center or from the main tourist attractions.

4. Cheap Trabzon real estate may need renovation or maintenance work and it could be in good condition, but it might need some improvements.

5. Cheap Trabzon properties may lack some luxury facilities and services such as swimming pools or private parking.

6. It may be far from the sea or nature, and therefore may lack stunning views

7. The characteristics of cheap properties depend on supply and demand in the local market and you can find times when there are good deals in the market.

8. Inexpensive properties may be better available to buyers who can pay cash or obtain financing easily.

These are the main details that you need to know when you are searching for properties for sale in Trabzon and you can ask our consultants for the best opportunities and offers available and benefit from our wide services such as assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residency and answering the various inquiries that you have.

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