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Real estate for sale in Sakarya

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Start searching for real estate for sale in Sakarya now, as there are plenty of investment opportunities suitable for your project, especially as it has many important ingredients that make it one of the first choices for investors and those interested in the real estate sectors and in this article, you will learn everything related to it.

Real estate for sale in Sakarya for real estate investment

Sakarya region has great natural beauty represented by rolling hills, forests and rivers, which makes it an ideal place for real estate investment as the quiet city is distinguished by the style of building residential projects that merges with complete spontaneity with the charm of the picturesque mountainous nature of Sakarya.

It should be noted that apartments with a small area are witnessing a great demand in this area, as the low percentage of real estate taxes attracts investors who are looking for a good return on investment, and investing in real estate under construction is a good opportunity for investors, as they enjoy a much lower purchase price than the price of the property after completion of construction.

Real estate investment in Sakarya is one of the best and most successful options for foreign investors in Turkey, as there are many residential villas in the region that provide the opportunity for great benefit, and since real estate investment in Turkey offers many advantages, it is considered a safe and successful haven for foreign investors.

Advantages of buying villas in Sakarya

The Sakarya region in Turkey features many luxury villas for sale, as this area offers charming views of the sea and the lake, and has luxurious interior and exterior finishes,

It is also close to the city center and the highway, and one of the most important advantages of buying a villa in Sakarya is the attractive prices that are suitable for all budgets, convenient installment options are also available, and without a doubt, buying a villa in it will bring you luxury and comfort in a calm and beautiful atmosphere that makes it an ideal choice for real estate investment.

Real estate for sale in installments in Sakarya

Another advantage of buying a property in installments in Sakarya is the cheap prices, which make the purchase available to all social groups, and through the many residential projects in Sakarya, it is possible to find apartments that can be purchased in installments, at reasonable prices and high specifications, and in this way, it is possible to take advantage of the high value real estate in the future, which makes buying a property in installments an ideal investment opportunity.

Real estate prices in Sakarya and factors affecting them

The area of ​​the apartment is one of the main factors affecting real estate prices in Sakarya, Turkey, and other factors such as the location, condition of the property, the exterior finishes of the property, and the location of the apartment also play an important role in determining the price of the property, and it is worth noting that there are some desirable areas more than others.

Real estate for sale in Sakarya suitable for Turkish citizenship

The city of Sakarya is considered one of the most important Turkish cities in terms of real estate suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, as Katalia Real Estate Company offers apartments for sale in Sakarya, in which all comfortable and recreational services are available as the value of real estate in Sakarya is 400 thousand dollars, and this entitles the buyer to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. real estate.

In addition, Katalia Real Estate Company provides completely free services that include receiving the customer from the airport to receive the property, thus making the purchase and ownership procedures easy and convenient for customers.

Real estate in Sakarya competes with fixed and reasonable prices, as it includes all convenient services and has stunning views of the picturesque nature and the Black Sea, which makes it suitable for both housing and investment.

Sakarya's most famous tourist attraction

One of the main motives behind searching for real estate for sale in Sakarya is that it has many famous landmarks, which in turn stimulate investment in its real estate sector.

1 - Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

The area learned from the lake covers about 251 square kilometers, and its water is used for drinking, industrial and domestic purposes as the story of the lake goes back to the floods of the Kartepe Mountains and the surrounding places, where the beautiful lake was flooded and remained in its condition to this day and many activities can be enjoyed in it, including cruises and swimming Take a walk and relax, and you will find tourists there are many famous hotels and attractions such as Masukiye Falls.

2 - Mount Kartebeh

Kartepe Mountain in the Turkish city of Sapanca is one of the most distinctive tourist places in the world, where thousands of tourists and visitors come annually to enjoy the beauty of the scenic views and the many recreational activities as the mountain is characterized by a height of 1,365 meters above sea level as it provides an opportunity to practice winter sports such as skiing and tobogganing, and also provides an opportunity to enjoy other summer activities such as cycling and hiking trips and the mountain also overlooks the beautiful town of Sapanca and its famous lake, which is one of the most important landmarks of the region, and thanks to its unique location between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, the mountain is a tourist destination and it is irresistible to all visitors looking for rest and relaxation in the heart of nature.

3 - Tarakli Hill

It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Sakarya, located on the northern side of the Black Sea, and is characterized by the presence of a group of lakes in its middle as this hill is a favorite destination for many tourists where they can enjoy watching the beauty of nature and strolling in its green ways and this area is located in the Turkish province of Sakarya, an hour and a half drive from Istanbul.

If you have any inquiries about the real estate sector in Turkey, do not hesitate before contacting us and telling us about everything you have so let's start the search for what suits you and your investment goals.

Justinian's Bridge:

One thousand five hundred years ago, in the Byzantine era, the Justinian Bridge was built, crossing the Sakarya River and this bridge was a link between the Byzantine capital Constantinople and the eastern regions of the empire and even today, this bridge continues to stand as a witness to that historical period.

Harmentep Castle:

Harmentep Castle is located to the north of Sakarya, and its construction dates back to the twelfth century AD and this castle was established by the Byzantines with the aim of repelling Turkish attacks on the Sakarya River and the castle's walls and towers are still fully present today, and it includes five gates and six detention centers.

Orhan Mosque

As for the Orhan Mosque, it is the oldest Ottoman building in this region, as the city of Sakarya is one of the first cities in which the Ottomans settled and Orhan Mosque was built in 1325 AD, and wood was used as the main material in its construction and the mosque was later destroyed and rebuilt in 1892, and since then it has been preserved with the same original design.

Sheikh Muslih Al-Din Mosque:

Sheikh Muslih al-Din Mosque was built in the fourteenth century AD, and during maintenance work that took place in 1820, the external walls of the mosque were covered with wood and a fountain was added to the mosque, and today the mosque appears in a horizontal, rectangular design, with a stone minaret bearing a single platform.

Museums in Sakarya:

You can explore the city and its history more deeply by visiting the museums in Sakarya and one of these museums is the Sakarya Museum, which was built in 1993 and the museum is divided into two parts: the first is dedicated to antiquities, such as ancient vessels, glass, and metal tools dating back to the Byzantine and Roman eras and the second part of the museum deals with the culture and social life of the peoples who lived in the region throughout the ages, with a display of traditional clothes, weapons and tools that were used in the past.

Sakarya real estate in residential complexes

1. Sakarya is located in a beautiful coastal area on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

2. Sakarya embraces a charming nature that includes mountains, forests and beaches.

3. Thanks to its natural environment, Sakarya offers clean and refreshing air.

4. The properties are characterized by modernity and advanced facilities

5. Most complexes provide 24-hour guarding and security services.

6. The complexes include private, covered parking.

7. You can enjoy private swimming pools within the complexes.

8. The complexes provide areas for children to play and have fun.

9. Some complexes include sports facilities such as fitness gyms and tennis courts.

10. There are health facilities such as spa and Turkish baths within the complexes.

11. Sakarya complexes find many restaurants and cafes close to you.

12. You can shop from different stores within the complexes.

13. Public transportation and highways are available near the complexes.

14. You can find schools and universities in close proximity to the properties.

15. There are recreational areas such as walking trails and bicycle paths.

16. There are high-quality hospitals and medical clinics in the area.

17. Job opportunities can be found in nearby areas

18. Sakarya is a peaceful haven to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

19. The city offers opportunities to discover local culture and arts.

20. Sakarya real estate is a good investment due to the high demand for housing in this beautiful area.

Sakarya property types

1. Residential apartments of various sizes and prices are available in various areas of Sakarya.

2. You find villas and independent houses in quiet places and beautiful landscapes.

3. You can find chalets and holiday homes on the wonderful beaches of Sakarya.

4. Residential complexes offer residential apartments with many facilities and services such as swimming pools, health clubs, and security.

5. Shops for commercial purposes and you can invest in shops or offices in commercial areas.

6. Opportunities are available to invest in hotel properties, including hotels and resorts

7. You can buy a plot of land to build a house or a business according to your needs.

8. There are also farms and farmland in rural areas for those seeking agricultural opportunities.

9. You can search for investment projects such as commercial buildings or real estate development projects.

How to benefit from Sakarya real estate?

1. Do your research well before purchasing Sakarya property and check the ownership documents and local laws related to the property.

2. Set a specific budget and calculate expected costs including the purchase price, legal fees, taxes, and maintenance costs.

3. Before purchasing a property, create an investment plan and determine your investment goal, whether it is for personal residence or for rent

4. Choose a suitable location that meets your needs and expectations and look at proximity to services, transportation, and attractions.

5. Choose a professional and reliable real estate agent to assist you in the purchasing process.

6. Examine the documentation carefully and ensure that all contracts and agreements are understood and signed by the parties involved.

7. There may be monthly costs such as maintenance fees, taxes and utilities, make sure you have enough funding to cover these costs.

8. Check property insurance and natural disaster protection options if this is an issue in the area.

9. Decide whether you will manage Sakarya real estate yourself or delegate a real estate management company to manage it.

10. If you intend to rent the property, estimate the rent you can get and factor it into your investment plan

11. Connect with the local community and learn about local laws, traditions, and property rights.

12. Find ways to reduce potential risks such as diversifying your investments.

13. Stay informed about legal changes related to real estate, taxes, and rent controls.

14. You may need legal advice to understand your rights and duties as a property owner.

15. Ensure compliance with local tax laws and file required tax returns.

Which is better to buy real estate in Sakarya or villas?

1. If you are looking for a home for personal or family use, villas may be a good option. If your goal is to invest and make profits from real estate, purchasing multiple Sakarya properties (apartments or residential units) may be more suitable

2. Make sure you have enough budget to buy villas if you prefer and villas are often more expensive than apartments or other properties.

3. Consider the size of the property you need to meet you and your family's needs and if you need more space and privacy, villas can provide that.

4. Villas often require more maintenance and management than apartments or other properties and make sure you are prepared for maintenance and management costs.

5. Look at the location you want to invest in and check the availability of villas and other properties in the area.

6. If you plan to rent the property, estimate the expected rent for the villa compared to other properties in the area.

7. If your goal is to diversify your real estate investment portfolio, buying multiple Sakarya properties in a residential complex may be a good option

The future of Sakarya real estate

1. Sakarya is located on the beautiful coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and embraces stunning natural scenery, making it a favorite destination for investors and tourists.

2. The Turkish government pays great attention to the development of coastal areas and tourism, and this includes infrastructure development projects, entertainment and services.

3. The demand for real estate in Sakarya is increasing by investors and tourists looking for a quiet and beautiful getaway.

4. Sakarya has a variety of properties including residential apartments, villas, country houses and commercial properties, meeting the needs of different investors.

5. Sakarya is experiencing increasing tourism development, which brings more visitors and increases the demand for properties for short-term rental purposes

6. Sakarya's infrastructure including roads, airports and transportation is being improved, enhancing the region's accessibility.

7. Turkey in general is witnessing the attraction of large foreign investments in the real estate sector, and this can positively impact Sakarya real estate

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