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Basin Express is a destination for businessmen and foreign and Arab capitals who are looking to start their real estate investment in the real estate market in Turkey, especially since the region is known for its mild climate throughout the year, in addition to that it includes many service facilities and commercial centers, in addition to its distinguished strategic location therefore, it is one of the areas that have witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, as it is a distinguished investment destination.

Therefore, the editorial team was keen to shed light on the importance of housing and living in that region, and an overview of the facilities, services, and medical and educational centers that the region includes.

A glimpse about Basin Express :

The Basin Express region is located in the European section of Istanbul, which belongs administratively to the tourist municipality of Bagcilar, which forms the vicinity of the highway known as Basin Express, which is a link between the Ikitelli regions in the north and the Bahçelievler region in the south, in addition to that it is one of the most expressways importance in Istanbul.

In addition, the Basin Express road is considered one of the vital places in the region, due to its strategic location that connects the two most important roads in Istanbul, the E5 road from the south and the TEM road from the north.

Housing advantages in the Basin Express area :

There are many advantages and positives to housing in the region, through the following paragraph we will learn about the most prominent of these advantages:

1. The area includes a variety of famous markets and malls.

2. Basin Express is a link between the highway and the coastal road.

3. It is distinguished by its geographical location, as it is close to several important areas in the city, including: Ikitelli, Bahceli, Bagcilar and Yenibosna.

4. The Basin Express area is an important investment area, as it receives the attention of the Turkish government, which makes it home to many investors.

5. The region is characterized by the presence of the Basin Express Road, which is located in the middle of the European side of Istanbul, and it is close to the famous Ataturk Airport.

6. The region is considered one of the important service areas in Turkey, in addition to that, it is a destination for many businessmen in Istanbul.

7. The possibility of buying an apartment in Basin Express with a value of 400 thousand US dollars and obtaining Turkish citizenship and granting it to your wife and children under 18 years old.

8. It includes more than thirty distinct high-quality residential projects.

9. Real estate prices in the area are somewhat high, but it is very suitable for its strategic location.

10. The region is distinguished by its strong infrastructure, in addition to that, it includes a vast transportation network, such as: metro, marine transportation services, metrobus, and dolmus.

11. In addition to its proximity to Istanbul's third airport, which added to it a high investment value and has become a very important area.

12. It includes many private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and international medical centers, such as: Istanbul Private Hospital and Medipol Hospital.

13. The Basin region is characterized by the presence of a large number of industrial areas, which made it one of the desired areas by businessmen and capitalists.

14. It contains a lot of diverse universities that teach all disciplines, such as: Aydin University.

15. You can obtain a Turkish passport after being granted Turkish citizenship and enjoy the ease of travel and movement and entry to more than 100 countries without needing a visa.

16. The possibility of renting your apartment in the summer seasons, as long as Turkey is one of the famous tourist destinations, and reaping many revenues and huge financial profits.

17. Benefit from the tax incentives offered by the Turkish government to investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey.

18. It includes many large commercial complexes, which increased its importance and its investment and commercial status.

The Schools in Basin Express, Istanbul :

The area is characterized by the presence of a variety of private schools, both local and international and the following are the most important schools.

1. Jasmine International School in Istanbul offers a British-Palestinian curriculum.

2. Al Fayez International School in Turkey offers a Jordanian-British curriculum.

3. Safir International Schools in Istanbul offers an American curriculum.

4. The Syrian Canadian School offers a Canadian curriculum.

5. The Arab International School in Istanbul offers a Libyan curriculum.

6. The Libyan Model School offers a Libyan curriculum.

7. Al Aqsa Schools in Istanbul.

Universities in Basin Express Istanbul :

In addition to the presence of schools, the region includes many international and world-famous universities, especially since the region is home to educational institutions and centers, the most prominent of which are as follows:

1. Altinbas University

2. Ares University

3. Aydin University

4. Istanbul Cultural University

Hotels in Basin Express Istanbul :

As long as the region is not only an investment area, but is an observatory and a point of attraction for many tourists and visitors from all over the world, let's get to know the most prominent hotels in it.

1. Marriott hotel chain

2. Holiday Inn hotels

3. YIFAN hotels

4. Sheraton Hotel Chain

5. Rotana Hotel Chain

Sights of the Basin Express

The following are the most prominent landmarks and famous areas in the Basin Express tourist area:

1. Belgrade Forest

2. The water park is located in the Bakirkoy area, adjacent to the Basin Express area.

Banks in Basin Express Istanbul :

The following are the most prominent Turkish banks that the region is proud of:

1. Garanti Bank

2. Turkish Bank

3. Halkbank

4. Vakif Bank

5. Ziraat Bank

Medical centers in Basin Express, Istanbul :

The region includes many international hospitals, medical centers, private clinics and local pharmacies and among the most prominent medical centers in Basin Express are:

1. Medipol Mega University Hospital

2. Acıbadem International Hospital

You can communicate with our specialized consultant to help you invest in real estate in this region and other areas that Istanbul is proud of, in addition, if you are interested in the real estate sector in Turkey, you must visit our website to see the specifications of the apartments that enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship and to receive important services that help you in the entire purchase process.


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