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Real estate for sale in Asian Istanbul..competitive prices

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Real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

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Have you considered searching for real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul?

You can get a wide range of privileges that other places do not give you and in this article, we will talk about the importance of this side of the city, and we will indicate the most suitable areas in it and some other details that you are interested in.

Why buying real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul?

- This side of the city is very quiet, unlike the other part, which is known to be loud and noisy.

- Infrastructure in this part of the city is witnessing a great and remarkable development, and one of the most famous projects is being built (the Istanbul Financial Center in Atasehir).

- The prices of real estate and apartments in the Asian part of the city are lower than the prices you will find on the European side, and therefore are suitable for those with limited budgets.

- You can easily get an apartment with a distinctive view, it may be overlooking the sea or it may be overlooking vast green spaces.

- If you do not have the full price of the property, you can choose to buy an apartment under construction or buy an apartment in installments, as these prices are very reasonable and less than the prices of ready apartments.

- There are many luxury residential complexes spread on the Asian side of Istanbul, so you can get a typical, distinctive and exceptional apartment.

- The investment future of real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul is promising, and therefore you can establish your project now at moderate costs and await profits in the coming days.

It is natural for real estate prices to increase as a result of high population density and busy tourist seasons.

Factors determining real estate prices in the Asian side of Istanbul

Several factors determine the price of real estate on the Asian side of Istanbul, in addition to the geographical location and the condition of the property plays a major role in determining its price, also prices are related to the availability of public facilities and other services, such as transportation, schools and hospitals, the size and design of the property and the type of view affect its value as well, in addition, real estate reports, government certificates for the property, title records, and sales documents can influence the price and finally, corporate investments in real estate in the region and the development of large projects can affect the price of real estate on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Where to find real estate for sale on the Asian side of Istanbul?

Here are the most important areas of the Asian side in Istanbul, some of their most important features, and the motives that encourage ownership in them.

Uskudar Real Estate :

Uskudar area in Istanbul is characterized by distinct real estate investment opportunities, as the real estate prices in it are suitable for the majority of those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul and the Low real estate prices in Uskudar are one of the main features that make it an ideal investment destination, and in addition, many apartments and luxury residences with different specifications and multiple spaces to suit all tastes can be found, this encourages investors and those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul to consider it as an ideal choice for real estate investment, in addition to providing the possibility of installments at the best prices.

Real estate in Kartal

Kartal is special by its unique geographical location, as it is located near highways, which makes it an ideal location for housing and investment as it also enjoys reasonable luxury facilities, which contributes to adding great value to the real estate in it, in addition, real estate experts expect an increase in demand for real estate in it in the near future, making it an ideal choice for investors who want to make profits.

Real estate in Beykoz :

The Beykoz region in Istanbul is characterized by the diversity of residential and commercial properties, which makes it an ideal destination for real estate investment as the region includes a large number of luxury apartments that provide buyers with many advantages, on top of which are the stunning views of the sea and the charming nature also the area is located just minutes away from the center of Istanbul and provides residents with many vital facilities and services, in addition, the real estate is characterized by its modern and attractive architectural designs that meet the needs of residents and investors.

Real estate in Maltepe :

The Maltepe area provides a comfortable and quiet environment for the residents, and it also provides easy access to the services that the residents need, in addition, the Maltepe apartments in Istanbul can generate high returns for investors, which makes it a good investment opportunity also the Maltepe area is located in a central location in Istanbul, which makes it easy to reach other areas of the city, and thus makes it easier for investors to rent properties and attract tenants.

Service facilities in the Asian side of Istanbul :

The Asian side of Istanbul is an ideal place for living and stability, as it provides all the necessary service facilities for life, such as schools, universities, hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, etc…, and this region is characterized by its advanced infrastructure and the availability of all means of living and stability in it, which makes it a suitable choice for those looking for the best places to live in Istanbul. Not only is it distinguished by that, but it also includes many historical and archaeological sites that make it a destination for many tourists.

Experts' expectations about real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

1. The Turkish government continues its investments in developing infrastructure and enhancing services in the Asian side of Istanbul and this could lead to increased real estate attractiveness in the region.

2. Istanbul is considered one of the largest residential cities in Turkey, and there is a constant demand for residential properties in Asia and Europe.

3. A variety of properties can be found in the Asian side of Istanbul, ranging from small apartments to luxury villas and apartments with sea views, allowing investors and buyers to choose from many options.

4. Foreign investments in real estate in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular continue and these investments may contribute to supporting the stability of real estate prices for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul and increasing real estate values.

5. Although the real estate market in Turkey has stabilized in recent years, global economic crises may affect the Turkish economy and thus the real estate market.

6. Political events and developments in Turkey and the region may also affect the real estate market and you must follow political news and developments carefully if you intend to invest in this region.

Which is better to own real estate for sale in the Asian or European side of Istanbul ?

Choosing whether to own a property in the Asian or European side of Istanbul depends on your personal and investment needs and goals. Each has its own advantages, and here are some points to consider:

The European side of Istanbul:

1. The European side of Istanbul is the historical and cultural location of the city and contains many tourist attractions and cultural facilities.

2. Properties on the European side are often more diverse in terms of options and prices.

3. Various shopping and entertainment venues can be found, which is ideal for families and individuals looking for nightlife.

The Asian side of Istanbul:

1. The Asian side of Istanbul is relatively quiet compared to the European side and offers a more relaxed lifestyle.

2. Beautiful beaches and natural scenery can be found in Asia, making it an attractive place for people looking for a peaceful atmosphere and natural scenery.

3. Properties for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul can sometimes be more exclusive and provide sea views.

Types of real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

1. Residential apartments: These are the most common properties in Asian Istanbul and apartments of various sizes and prices can be found, from small units to luxury apartments with modern designs.

2. Furnished apartments: If you are looking for properties for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul to invest in short or tourist rentals, you can consider buying a furnished apartment and this can be a good option to increase your return on investment.

3. Villas and townhouses: These properties are suitable for those looking for greater privacy and a quiet lifestyle.

4. New residential projects: These projects offer apartments and villas with modern designs and shared facilities such as swimming pools and entertainment areas.

5. Commercial Properties: the Asian side of Istanbul also embraces commercial properties such as shops, offices and commercial buildings. These properties suit businessmen and investors.

6. Real estate lands: If you are looking for an opportunity to build your own project, you can buy real estate land in Asian Istanbul.

Real estate for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul for Turkish citizenship

1. Must find real estate for sale in Asian Istanbul worth $400,000.

2. You must commit to holding the property for a period of 3 years after purchasing it.

3. The property must be registered in your name as the buyer, and all legal papers and documents must be in proper condition.

4. It is always important to consult a local real estate lawyer in Turkey to check all legal and tax matters related to the property and citizenship application.

Properties for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul in installments

1. If you have difficulty paying a large amount of cash up front, installment payment can be a good option as you can divide the value of the property into convenient monthly payments.

2. Instead of searching for financing from other sources, you can find installment offers directly from developers or real estate companies, saving you time and effort.

3. If your goal is to buy for real estate investment in the Asian side of Istanbul, you can rent the property and achieve a monthly return that covers or exceeds the installment payments.

4. Sometimes, installment offers can be found at more competitive rates from banks or traditional financing institutions.

5. You can find a variety of properties for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul in installments, from small apartments to luxury residential units.

Shops for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

The Asian city of Istanbul provides many investment opportunities in the field of commercial real estate, including retail stores, and buying a store in this area can be a good investment and an opportunity to start a successful business, as the Asian side of Istanbul is a popular destination for buying and shopping and therefore, there is a lot of demand for shops in this area and you will find a wide range of stores available for sale, whether small or large, and in distinctive locations.

When looking for a store for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul, make sure to determine your needs and budget and check the desired area and its surrounding infrastructure, including transport access and the presence of public services, and also look at the expected financial returns from the investment and in the end, buying a store in the Asian side of Istanbul is a good opportunity to invest in commercial real estate and research available opportunities and consult a real estate expert for the best advice before making your final decision.

Villas for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul

If you are looking for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul, you are in the right place, as the Asian side of Istanbul is considered one of the best areas to buy real estate in Turkey, and is characterized by charming nature and picturesque views and the Asian side of Istanbul offers many opportunities to buy beautiful villas that enjoy comfort and beauty.

Villas for sale are available in a variety of sizes and designs, from traditional villas to modern and luxurious villas and you will definitely find the right villa that meets your needs and preferences, and do not miss the opportunity to buy a villa in the Asian side of Istanbul, as it provides you with a unique opportunity to live in an amazing environment and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Properties for sale in  the  Asian side of Istanbul under construction

the  Asian side of Istanbul properties for sale under construction attract investors with their modern design and modern equipment that ensure comfort and luxury and in addition, there are several residential and commercial projects currently in the construction stages that offer investment potential and high returns.

If you are looking for properties for sale in the  Asian side of Istanbul under construction, and you can choose from many distinctive options, whether you want a luxury apartment in a high residential tower or an independent villa with a wonderful view of the city, you will definitely find what suits your taste and needs in this area.

Tourist places in the  Asian side of Istanbul

Let's get to know the most famous tourist attractions in the  Asian side of Istanbul:

The Maiden's Tower:

Visitors to the Asian city of Istanbul must enjoy visiting the Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi), which is one of the wonderful tourist attractions in the region and this tower dates back to the Greek era and is located on a small island at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, only about 200 meters from the coast of the Üsküdar district in Istanbul.

The story of building the tower is exciting and mixed with legends and it was said that there was a sultan who loved his daughter very much and saw in a dream that she would be bitten by a snake and die on her eighteenth birthday and the Sultan found no way to protect his daughter except by keeping her away from the mainland, so he filled in part of the Bosphorus and built a small tower for her, hoping it would protect her from any snakes and the Maiden's Tower occupies an exceptional location, as it gives a stunning view of the Bosphorus waters and is considered a wonderful background for many scenes of Turkish and international cinema and drama

In addition to its wonderful history, the Maiden's Tower has become an integral part of Turkish heritage and culture, and one of the prominent tourist attractions in the Asian side of Istanbul and the Maiden's Tower is distinguished by its unique octagonal structure, narrow spiral staircases separating 6 floors, and a height of about 23 meters and it is an integral part of the attractiveness of Istanbul, and is considered one of the landmarks that tourists must visit during their trip to this wonderful city, as it offers them a unique opportunity to enjoy stunning panoramic views and an unforgettable historical experience.

Bagdat Street:

Bagdat Street (Bağdat Caddesi) is one of the most famous streets on the Asian side of Istanbul and it extends over a distance of approximately 14 kilometers from Kadıköy Municipality to Maltepe Municipality, extending along the eastern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and Bagdat Street holds great importance and is considered an example of Istiklal Street on the European side of Istanbul.

The history of this street goes back to the Ottoman era, when it linked Constantinople to Anatolia and was used for trade and military purposes and its name changed after Sultan Murad IV took control of Bagdat in 1638 AD, as Bagdat Street flourished during the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II as it became a major center for the wealthy and upper classes and during that period, pashas and senior men of the era rushed to buy lands in the Kadikoy region on the Asian side of Istanbul to build their homes and palaces near the Sultan’s palace, with the aim of getting closer to him.

Pilarbey  Palace:

Pilarbey Palace is one of the most wonderful and important historical palaces in the Asian side of Istanbul and this palace is located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait in the Üsküdar district and the palace was built by Sultan Abdul Aziz, and it was a summer resort for the Ottoman sultans and a place to receive leaders and kings, as Pilarbey  Palace is a landmark that has hosted prominent figures, including Queen Eugenie of France and the Emperor of Austria, as well as the Crown Prince of Italy and the palace was also the residence of Sultan Abdul Hamid II until his death.

The architecture of Pilarbey Palace is distinguished by its beauty and elegance, and it appears even more charming when viewed from the Bosphorus Bridge and the palace garden is also famous for its limestone columns and magnificent rock sculptures that attract attention and add a special charm to this wonderful historical site.

Haydarpaşa Station:

Haydarpaşa station is considered one of the most magnificent and beautiful neoclassical buildings in Turkey and it is distinguished by its East-West architectural style, combining Western and Arab artistic elements and its minarets reflect Western architecture, while Arabic inscriptions, calligraphy and Ottoman windows adorn its walls.

Haydarpaşa Station is the main railway station in Turkey and was built by German engineers during the Ottoman times and the tower with a Baroque clock on its top is a monument symbolizing Turkish-German relations and the tower's interior is decorated with colorful windows, and its imposing sandstone facade overlooks Kadikoy Bay and currently there are plans to convert this archaeological station into a museum.

Yoros Castle:

Yoros Castle is one of the most important historical castles in Turkey and is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Asian side of Istanbul and this castle appears as if it were a majestic mountain overlooking the city of Istanbul at the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait and the history of the castle dates back to the era of the Roman Empire, and although some of its towers were exposed to the elements of collapse over time, they were able to survive until the present day.

The name of the castle, "Euros", comes from the Greek language and means "nature" and the castle extends over a distance of about 500 meters and includes several towers of different lengths.

Çamlca Mosque:

On May 3, 2019, the Çamlıca Mosque, considered the largest mosque in Turkey, was opened and this mosque is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and the mosque extends over an area of ​​15,000 square meters and can accommodate about 63,000 worshipers at one time.

The mosque features six minarets, four of which are 107.1 meters tall, and two are 90 meters tall and its dome rises about 72 meters and has a diameter of 34 metres and in addition to its function as a place of prayer, the mosque also contains a conference hall, a museum of Turkish Islamic antiquities, a public library, and an art gallery and a parking area has been allocated and gardens of up to 30 dunams have been prepared around the mosque to enable visitors to walk around and enjoy wonderful views of the Asian and European parts of Istanbul and part of the ​​Marmara Sea.

Cable car in Eyup Sultan area:

Eyup Sultan area is considered one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in Istanbul and it extends along the Golden Horn, flowing into the Black Sea and the reason for calling it this name is due to the presence of the Eyup Sultan Mausoleum near one of the most prominent mosques in the city, the Eyup Sultan Mosque.

This area is characterized by the presence of many places of worship and different religions, as there are many Christian churches in addition to the famous mosque and in the Eyup Sultan area, specifically around its mosque, some popular markets were established that specialize in trading products related to Islamic heritage, such as dates, Islamic books, and prayer rugs.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the experience of riding the cable car in the Eyup Sultan area, which is used as a means of entertainment and sometimes as a means of transportation and this cable car takes visitors to the top of Berluti Hill, where a well-known café offers wonderful views.

Commercial centers in the Asian side of Istanbul

Akasya Mall is considered one of the most beautiful commercial complexes on the Asian side of Istanbul and this mall includes huge buildings that include residences and offices, in addition to two beautiful parks and it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design that perfectly combines urbanism and nature and the mall provides a variety of commercial facilities and international and local brands, making it a distinctive shopping and entertainment destination in Asian Istanbul.

Tepe Nautilus AVM is one of the first shopping centers on the Asian side of Istanbul and it is distinguished by its unique design that was inspired by the sea, as the mall’s exits are named after marine animals and the mall contains a variety of shops offering famous international and local brands, making it one of the most important shopping destinations in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Viaport Asia Outlet is among the most famous luxury malls in Istanbul and attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy its stunning views and fresh outdoor air and the complex includes many shops, restaurants and cafes and also provides great opportunities to enjoy the landscape and parks and in addition, it has a large bazaar where many souvenirs and unique products can be found that meet the needs of tourists and visitors.

You can find the best real estate offers for sale in the Asian side of Istanbul with us at Kataliyaproperty Company and benefit from our services in real estate investment, obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residency, get thoughtful real estate consultations, and obtain field tours within the most important areas.

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