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Real estate for sale in the European side of Istanbul

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real estate for sale in European Istanbul at the best prices

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Searching for real estate for sale in the European side of Istanbul is a very suitable option, especially if your goal is to invest in real estate, where you can get a high and distinctive return due to the unlimited potential it possesses with the modern areas distributed in it with an exceptional urban design.

Some details about the European side of Istanbul :

Here are the most important points where the European side of Istanbul outperforms the Asian side.

First: In the European side, you can find dozens of distinguished job opportunities in various fields and specializations that suit your inclinations, goals, and academic specialization, thanks to the proliferation of many important local and international companies and the abundance of industrial zones.

Second: The European side of Istanbul includes many distinctive entertainment places and various tourist destinations that attract tourists from different countries of the world.

Third: You will find many real estate and investment projects in it, so you will not search much because many construction companies are building luxury complexes with sea views and modern specifications.

Fourth: The European side of Istanbul contains one of the largest airports in the world (Istanbul New Airport), which has given it an important value in terms of investment and real estates near it have become a golden opportunity for those who seek to obtain abundant profits.

Fifth: At the present time, work is underway to build one of the largest infrastructure projects in it, the new Istanbul Water Canal, which will have a strong impact on the real estate sector in the city.

The most important areas of the European side of Istanbul :

If you decide to search for real estate for sale in the European side of Istanbul, you will find that there are many potential areas to choose from, the most famous of which are the following:

Beylikduzu :

Beylikduzu district is one of the most prosperous areas in Istanbul, as it has become a destination for many investors wishing to invest in residential and commercial real estate.

Despite the recent decline in prices in the region, it is currently witnessing clear increases and therefore, if you are looking to invest in real estate in it, there are great opportunities to achieve the desired return on your investment, and the step of owning it only indicates that it is a safe investment, especially in light of the high demand for it and the continuous growth of the region, moreover, the leasing opportunities in the area are high, which can assure investors of excellent returns.

Basaksehir :

This area is characterized by its modern designs and the presence of modern infrastructure, which provides residents with comfort for life, Basaksehir enjoys a privileged location close to the main commercial and tourist centers in Istanbul, and it has many real estate projects that suit different budgets.

What earned the region its investment position is that it is one of the closest areas to Istanbul's new airport and the Istanbul Water Canal, which confirms its investment importance as prices are expected to rise in it and the demand for its real estate will increase, especially as it contains many residential complexes equipped with advanced systems for a stable life.

Maslak :

This area provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from the high economic indicators that make it an attractive area for investment, Maslak occupies a privileged location as it is located on the European side of Istanbul, near the famous Bosphorus, which increases the attractiveness of this area for investors and thanks to the presence of many apartments and villas available for sale in it investors can choose from multiple investment options with high quality.

Sariyer :

The Sariyer district in the European side of Istanbul is one of the most important strategic areas and has a strong infrastructure, it is about 30 minutes away from the city center by car and this area includes many neighborhoods such as Gumus Deriye, Demirci Koy, Rashid Pasha, Istinye and Tarabya, it is distinguished by its modern buildings and offers investment opportunities, where real estate can be purchased in installments with the fastest returns and large rental income.

Bakirkoy :

Bakirkoy district in the Turkish city of Istanbul is one of the distinctive and ideal areas for real estate investment, as it is characterized by modern and organized residential complexes, and real estate prices in it are suitable to start a real estate investment, and the area is located on the long coast of the Marmara Sea, which gives it more beauty and investment importance, since Istanbul is a big city and has many different areas with various characteristics and those looking for real estate in it have not stopped looking for ideal areas for investment, and this area is the first.

Bahcesehir :

Bahcesehir is one of the most attractive areas for housing in Istanbul, as it includes many luxurious residential complexes and wonderful gardens that reflect the beauty and originality of this area, it also has the largest artificial lake in Turkey and it is famous for its family characteristics, which makes it suitable for families who want to settle and invest as the region has integrated infrastructure and convenient services, in addition to the availability of various means of transportation, which makes it an ideal location for investing in real estate.

It has apartments for sale at competitive prices and installment options, which makes it suitable for investors looking for capital gains and high rental returns.

Sultanahmet :

The Sultanahmet area in Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist sites in the world, and it attracts tourists from all over the world with its unique charm and beauty, and investing in real estate in this area is one of the best options for foreigners and Arabs in particular, where you can invest in buying a hotel and converting it into an investment property, or buying hotel apartments for residence or investment, and these apartments are distinguished by their strategic location, close to the most famous tourist sites in Istanbul.


The Arnavutkoy area in Istanbul is one of the most important places that attract investors in the real estate market in Turkey as this area is characterized by modern infrastructure and high-end services, which makes it an ideal place for stability and residence. it also covers an area of ​​453 square kilometers and is inhabited by about a quarter of a million people and it is also characterized by a rural character as the area has lands suitable for agricultural investment and lands for establishing various projects, in addition to modern apartments that can be considered one of the best options for investment near Istanbul Airport.

If you want to search for real estate for sale in the European side of Istanbul, to get the best and most important opportunities, you only have to contact our consultants at Katalia Company, to have an exceptional, profitable experience in the Turkish real estate market.

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