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Real estate for sale in Bursa

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Apartments and real estate for sale in Bursa

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It is smart to choose to search for real estate for sale in Bursa specifically in order to enjoy the strategic location of the city, get acquainted with a brief history of the Ottoman Empire, and launch a profitable real estate investment project, benefiting from the many elements that this city possesses, especially its tourist status.

Real estate offers for sale in Bursa for real estate investment :

The city of Bursa in Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist and economic cities, which is witnessing a remarkable development in the real estate and investment sector, and real estate investment in it is considered one of the surest and best investments in terms of quality and quality.

Bursa is characterized by the availability of many useful features for investors, where real estate can be purchased at reasonable and competitive prices compared to real estate prices in other Turkish cities, and Bursa is characterized by a strategic geographical location that makes it a center for trade between European and Asian countries, in addition, it is witnessing a great demand by foreigners, especially Arabs, because it is a conservative and quiet city, and it is suitable for investment in various real estate such as apartments, villas, lands, and farms.

Real estate investment in Bursa is considered one of the safe investments in Turkey and the world, as it maintains its value in the market well, therefore, these features may make real estate investment in Bursa an ideal choice for investors looking for a successful and safe investment.

Tourism investment in Bursa :

Investing in the tourism sector in the Turkish city of Bursa is considered one of the successful investments due to the presence of many wonderful tourist attractions that millions of tourists visit annually, characterized by its picturesque nature, which includes many tourist attractions such as Mount Uludag, the Turkish Bursa Museum and the Botanical Garden, in addition to the Ottoman baths and the tea market in the city.

Bursa is also distinguished by its strategic location, which enables investment in the tourism sector with many profitable and safe opportunities, and it is considered one of the leading cities in this field in Turkey, in addition, the tourism sector in Bursa is characterized by strong demand for it during the tourism seasons, which makes investment in this sector highly profitable.

Agricultural investment in Bursa :

The Turkish city of Bursa is famous for agricultural investment and its development, as it is considered the "Green Bursa", where green fields envelop the hearts of visitors throughout the year as agricultural investments in Bursa are among the best activities to enhance the city's economy, and it is considered one of the safe and successful investments with many benefits, given that Turkey supports agricultural investments and equipped with the necessary and appropriate facilities.

Among the benefits provided by agricultural investments in Bursa are improving the standard of living for farmers, reducing unemployment rates, providing fresh food products, as well as supporting the national economy and increasing prosperity in the city because it is the agricultural capital of Turkey, Bursa is an ideal destination for investors and those interested in agricultural investment.

Will real estate prices rise in Bursa?

Experts point out that there is an opportunity for real estate prices in Bursa to rise significantly in the near future, since investments are increasing among buyers who want to obtain more spacious areas, despite the effect of price inflation in general in Turkey, prices are still reasonable compared to some European countries, and this makes it an ideal place for investors interested in buying a property in Turkey.

Buying villas in Bursa and their features :

Bursa in Turkey is a beautiful area and contains many distinctive villas that are suitable for residential and investment, and maintains the requirements of the budget and is provided for sale in installments and contains many facilities such as schools, banks, transportation lines, shops and restaurants.

Real estate for sale in Bursa on the Sea of ​​Marmara :

The city of Bursa is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara and mediates the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, which makes it an important investment station, investors' options in its properties vary in a stimulating manner and on a loose and flexible scale that suits their investment trends and desires.

If we look at the real estate located on the sea in the Bursa region, we find that many of them are modern in design and luxurious in specifications, which provides great investment opportunities, in addition, the beauty of the Marmara Sea attracts many tourists, which makes it possible to rent real estate and apartments easily.

Bursa Cable Car is one of the most famous international tourism destinations :

Bursa Cable Car is a world famous tourist destination and one of the most attractive places for tourists in the city as the cable car provides a wonderful view from the top of Uludag Mountain, and it is considered one of the best places to enjoy the scenic landscapes and is characterized by its ability to transport visitors in a safe, comfortable and interesting way to the top of the mountain, where tourists can enjoy watching the city from the top of the mountain and enjoy seeing the picturesque mountains and green plains, in short, it is one of the best and most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and definitely worth a visit.

Uludag Mountain is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Bursa :

Mount Uludağ or the Great Mountain is the highest peak in western Anatolia with a height of 2543 meters and is considered the most popular place in Turkey for winter sports where it snows constantly from October to April and includes a center for summer trips, where skiing competitions are held and you can get a tour of Bursa and a cable car ride in the mountain as the first snow park in Turkey works for the winter, which turns during the summer into a beautiful and green place.

Start now on your journey within the real estate market in Turkey without hesitation, as there is still time available for you to get the best offers and the most appropriate prices and to benefit from the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if your real estate is worth 400 thousand US dollars or more or you obtain real estate residence, which is considered among the most important stays at all as you will also get a set of our exceptional services that we offer to our customers to make all procedures easy for them, as this is especially important for those who are presenting to that experience for the first time.

The big waterfall in Bursa:

The Green Valley in Bursa is considered a natural oasis that combines the beauty of waterfalls and the splendor of natural scenery and this valley is located in Angol district, about 72 kilometers from Bursa city center and it is a place where elements of natural beauty come together, from trees and plants to flowers that add a unique beauty to the place.

If you wander around Wadi Al Akhdar, you will be captivated by the magic of nature from every direction you look and you will see the beauty of the clear blue sky, majestic forest trees, and various flowers decorating the place with their bright colors and the Green Valley is the genius of the Creator embodied by nature in this picturesque region

In addition to its natural beauty, Wadi Al Akhdar offers wonderful accommodation, ranging from tourist homes to hotels in the center of the valley and the area also includes many service facilities such as restaurants and cafes, in addition to quiet seating areas that blend with the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Historical tree in Bursa:

The historic urban tree in Bursa is one of the wonderful tourist destinations that must be visited in this city and this huge urban tree is located in the village of Ankaya, just 10 minutes from the center of Bursa, and on the side of Uludag Mountain Road and this tree is estimated to be about 610 years old, and its dimensions are about 38 meters in height and about 10 meters in circumference and its branches extend over an area estimated at about 920 square metres

We strongly advise visitors coming to Bursa not to miss the opportunity to visit this prominent historical tree and it has a unique and prominent appearance that makes it an exceptional eye-catcher, so simply put, you will feel as if you have entered a magical and imaginative world when you stand in front of this ancient urban tree.

Oylat Waterfall in Bursa:

Oylat Waterfall, which is located about 70 kilometers from the center of Bursa and it is considered one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Bursa and the water of the waterfall flows between the rocks in a way that creates a stunning view, as the sound of the water flow blends smoothly with the rich melodies of birdsong in the nature surrounding the waterfall.

Oylat Waterfall is considered a place of exceptional beauty and stunning natural views, and it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Bursa and this place attracts a large number of visitors annually, as they can see many charming wild animals in the surrounding forest, as well as visit the cave next to the Oylat Waterfall to explore its stunning views.

The big waterfall in Bursa:

The large waterfall in Bursa, also known as Kemalpasa Waterfall, is considered a wonderful embodiment of harmony between the charming green nature and the luscious blue color of the water, as it is a stunning painting where the vibrant green of the trees and plants blends with the blue beauty of the waterfall, as the water cascades from a height of about 30 meters magnificently.

The Grand Waterfall is one of the most important tourist destinations in Bursa, as it is located in the Kemalpasa area, about 17 kilometers from the city center and the beauty of this waterfall is complemented by its hidden presence among dense beech tree forests and when you sit in this charming place and enjoy the view of the clear water surrounded by trees, you will feel a sense of calm and relaxation that is difficult to experience anywhere else.

Saeedabad Waterfall:

Saeed Abad Waterfall, also known as Al-Kastal Waterfalls, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations and natural landmarks in the city of Al-Kastal located near the center of Bursa and this waterfall is characterized by being surrounded by rich forest trees, where trees are abundantly distributed over a large area around the waterfall, as for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the "Little Waterfalls of Bursa" and visitors can enjoy happy times there by watching this picturesque and enchanting natural scene.

Shopping in Bursa:

The city of Bursa is considered one of the cities characterized by the presence of diverse markets, as it combines old traditional markets that preserve their cultural heritage and ancient history, and modern markets with a contemporary architectural style, which makes the shopping experience in Bursa a unique experience in itself, and it wonderfully complements the beauty of the picturesque nature and places. Wonderful tourist attraction in the city and among the most important markets that can be visited in Bursa is the famous covered market, as its history extends more than five hundred years, and it is considered one of the most famous markets in Turkey.

Weather in Bursa:

The city of Bursa is characterized by a moderate climate in the summer, with temperatures reaching an average of around thirty degrees Celsius, and humidity remaining within normal levels, making it a favorite destination for those looking for a beautiful atmosphere and a comfortable climate during the summer.

In winter, temperatures in Bursa drop significantly, with average temperatures ranging around ten degrees Celsius and the winter months in Bursa are among the rainiest, and temperatures can drop enough in winter for snow to fall and this is what makes Uludag Mountain a suitable destination for winter sports lovers.

The picturesque beaches of Bursa:

Bursa is a picturesque coastal city thanks to the presence of a group of luxurious beaches that provide a unique experience for visitors and here you can enjoy the sea atmosphere, relax on its beautiful sandy beaches, and swim in the turquoise sea waters and besides, these beaches are a great place for water activities such as surfing and snorkeling, as Bursa is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and therefore the beaches here are characterized by stunning natural views and among the wonderful beaches in Bursa,

Mudanya district can be found located north of the city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and this area is one of the city's prominent tourist destinations, surrounded by stunning scenery and offering an unparalleled coastal experience.

Types of residential properties in Bursa

1. Apartments are the most popular option for housing in Bursa and apartments are available in various sizes and prices, from small apartments to luxury apartments in residential towers.

2. There are also many villas and townhouses available in different neighborhoods in Bursa and if you are looking for more space and privacy, these options may be right for you.

3. Bursa is witnessing many new residential projects and residential complexes that include groups of apartments and shared services such as swimming pools, children’s play areas, and green spaces and these projects provide residents with a comfortable and distinctive lifestyle.

4. Residential units can be found within hotels or buildings designated for daily or monthly rent and these units are usually fully furnished and equipped with all amenities

5. In Bursa you also find luxury and expensive apartments in areas such as Uludag Mountain and other residential areas overlooking the sea.

6. Apartments in gated communities and these are residential complexes that offer security and shared services such as parks, swimming pools and 24/7 security system.

Types of commercial real estate in Bursa

1. Shops are available in large cities and tourist and commercial areas and these shops can be rented to open retail shops, restaurants or offices.

2. Commercial offices can be found in business centers and commercial towers in cities such as Istanbul and Ankara and these offices are usually used by companies and organizations to set up their headquarters.

3. Turkey is considered a center for logistics and shipping trade between Europe and Asia and therefore, many warehouses and warehouses are available for rent to be used for storing and distributing goods

4. Commercial plots of land can be purchased and developed to create commercial projects such as malls, malls, hospitals or hotels.

5. These projects include integrated residential and commercial complexes that include shops on the ground floor and residential units on the upper floors and these projects provide a comfortable lifestyle and multiple facilities in one place.

6. Investments can be made in the field of restaurants and hotels in tourist and urban areas and there are many opportunities to create luxury restaurants and hotels.

7. This category includes theatres, cinemas, sports stadiums and entertainment centres and investments can be made in these places to provide entertainment and commercial services to the public.

8. Tourist properties such as villas, hotel apartments, and resorts can be purchased and invested in coastal areas and tourist cities

Steps to buy real estate in Bursa

1. Before you start searching for property in Bursa, you must carefully define your needs. Do you want to buy a residential apartment or commercial property? How big is the property you are looking for? Where would you like to own property in Bursa?

2. Determine your budget carefully and consider all potential costs, including the property price, legal fees, estate agency fees and any additional costs such as maintenance.

3. Use specialized websites and real estate brokerage services to search for available properties in Bursa according to your needs and budget.

4. Visit Bursa properties you are interested in to inspect them for yourself and it is important that you check the condition of the property and the surrounding area.

5. Make sure that the property in Bursa complies with local bylaws and regulations and that all legal papers and documents are in proper condition

6. Negotiate the property price with the seller or real estate agent and it is possible to reach a deal that meets your budget.

7. After reaching an agreement between the seller and buyer regarding the price and terms, the sales contract must be signed in front of a real estate attorney or notary.

8. You may need to pay fees and real estate taxes in Turkey when purchasing a property and make sure you know these costs and prepare the required amount.

9. After signing the sales contract, you will have to register the property on an exchange in your name at the local real estate registry office.

10. Once you complete the process and pay the agreed upon funds, you will receive the keys to the property and become its owner.

11. It is highly recommended to insure the property against potential risks such as fires and theft.

12. There may be several legal obligations that you must comply with as a property owner and make sure you know them and comply with them.

Notes when buying real estate in Bursa

1. Choose the location that perfectly meets your needs, whether it is near services, the beach or the city center.

2. Examine the property's structure and general condition with a professional structural engineer.

3. Make sure the area has excellent infrastructure, such as electricity, water, and sewerage.

4. Find out the local laws and regulations related to real estate in Türkiye.

5. Make sure that all legal documents for the property are valid and there are no legal problems.

6. Work with a trusted local real estate agent to assist with the purchasing process.

7. Always try to negotiate the price to get a better deal.

8. Make sure you understand all fees associated with your purchase, including registration fees and taxes.

9. If you need real estate financing, check its availability and specific terms.

10. Check that there are no outstanding debts on the property

11. Given potential risks such as fire or theft, check insurance options.

12. Find out the local laws and regulations regarding owning a property in Turkey as a foreign citizen.

13. Make sure the property is legally owned by the seller.

14. Make sure all details and terms are documented in the purchase contract

15. Make sure to cooperate with a licensed and reliable real estate agency.

16. Ask about any future real estate projects in the area that may affect your investment.

17. Consult a real estate attorney to review all documents and agreements.

18. If you are unsure about any aspect of your purchase, consult local sources or Bursa real estate lawyers.

Advantages of buying Bursa real estate in residential complexes

1. Residential complexes provide high security, as most of them are surrounded by secure walls and doors, and contain an advanced security system such as 24/7 security and surveillance cameras.

2. Residential complexes provide many facilities and services close to you, such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, fitness gyms, shops and restaurants.

3. Apartment complexes are often designed to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for residents, making them suitable for living and relaxing.

4. You can meet new people and build social relationships in residential complexes by participating in social events and community gatherings.

5. Living in an apartment complex means there is a dedicated maintenance team working to take care of the facilities and fix any problems quickly

6. Since the facilities and services are available within the complex, it reduces the need to search for them outside it and saves time and effort.

7. Bursa properties in residential complexes are usually considered a good investment due to their high value and high demand.

8. Apartment complexes are typically designed with energy efficiency and sustainability standards in mind, which can reduce utility bills associated with the property.

9. Residential complexes provide structural organization for living, which helps improve the quality of life.

10. Bursa properties in residential complexes often see an increase in value over time.

The impact of tourism on Bursa real estate

1. The demand for purchasing and renting properties in tourist areas such as Bursa increases during peak tourist periods and this encourages developers to create tourism real estate projects to meet this demand

2. Due to the excess demand for Bursa real estate in tourist areas, this can lead to an increase in sale and rental prices in those areas.

3. In Bursa you can find a variety of tourist properties, from apartments and villas to luxury chalets and resorts, meeting the needs of different categories of visitors.

4. The Turkish government is continuously investing in infrastructure development in tourism areas, which increases Bursa's attractiveness for tourists and positively affects Bursa's real estate value.

5. Foreign investors can easily purchase real estate in Bursa and own real estate property rights, opening doors to profitable real estate investments.

6. Tourism increases business activity in Bursa, which enhances investment opportunities in commercial and office properties

7. Property owners can rent them to tourists on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, enhancing their income.

Start now on your journey within the real estate market in Turkey without hesitation and there is still time for you to get the best offers and the most appropriate prices and to benefit from the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if your property is worth 400 thousand US dollars or more, or to obtain real estate residency, which is considered among the most important, and you will also get a set of our exceptional services that we provide to our clients, so that all procedures are easy for them and this is especially important for those who are having this experience for the first time

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