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Mersin Properties

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Real estate for sale in the city of Mersin

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Mersin Properties

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Purchasing real estate with full title deed.

Choose the city according to the purpose of purchase, whether it is residence or investment, such as Istanbul

Checking the specific percentage of foreign ownership of real estate in the city.

Be sure to check the year of construction of the property.

The availability of legal procedures for the investor that authorizes him to own the property. Checking the condition of the property, old or new.

Choosing the right real estate agent.

The total area of the property should not exceed more than 30 hectares in all parts of Turkey in general.

The property must not be in military or security zones, due to the existence of a law that prohibits the sale of such real estate to foreigners.

The property should not be mortgaged or subject to procedures that prevent its sale.

Ensure that the owner of the property has the right to dispose of his property or not. Taking sufficient information from the real estate records directorates before signing any contracts with legal characteristics, as well as paying the price.

Not starting the buying and selling process before knowing the real estate owners or the companies responsible for that. Why investing in real estate is one of the best types of investment in Turkey:

• The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from the Turkish passport • Because real estate investment is greatly affected by the country's economy and political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.

Real estate is the largest growing and profitable sector in the world.

Investing in real estate achieves guaranteed results, far from adventures. Real estate investment currently achieves the highest returns in Istanbul. Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey: Real estate investment in Turkey has received a great turnout from various nationalities, especially Arab ones; Because of its many gains and advantages, starting from the distinctive profit returns, and ending with obtaining the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship. Real estate investment in Turkey If we compare the types of investments, we will find that real estate investment is the best. Because of the low rate of loss compared to other sectors, such as investing in stocks or financial markets, which are at risk of loss at any moment. And for a good real estate investment that is in the interest of the investor, and gives him many advantages that every businessman aspires to obtain, real estate ownership in Turkey is the best option to achieve these desires, because of its satisfactory returns, through leasing or reselling the property. What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey? The main reason for attracting investors to real estate investment in Istanbul and other cities is due to its advantages that make it the best option to achieve a good profit margin, and these features are summarized in the following points: Obtaining Turkish citizenship for those who own a property whose value exceeds 400 thousand US dollars. The Turkish government continues to support the real estate sector and investors. Turkey's stability makes investment safe and ever-growing, which increases investor turnout.

Diversity of investments in Turkey, opening the door wide for businessmen to own property.

Obtaining a fixed and guaranteed monthly return from leasing, or earning a good profit from resale.

A capital increase or an increase in the value of the property in the long term.

Turkey's exceptional location between the three continents of the world, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Turkey enjoys a developed infrastructure in transportation, communications and energy. Mistakes to avoid in real estate investment: Making a successful real estate investment requires avoiding making mistakes that may threaten your investment. These mistakes can be summarized as follows:

Not checking the property well before buying it.

Certification of real estate advertisements and not checking them sufficiently.

Rushing to sell the property.

Falling into the trap of high interest bank loans.

False advertisements and offers Important tips for a successful real estate investment in Turkey: To achieve high profits and obtain satisfactory benefits, you should follow some conditions that make your real estate investment in Turkey a successful investment that meets the primary goal of making it, and these conditions are:

Buying real estate in areas witnessing growth and development.

Buying real estate near service, educational and medical centers.

Buying real estate near the transportation network.

Consulting experts in real estate investment before buying a property.

Dealing with well-known and reliable construction companies.

Choosing the right space for the property. If you want to verify the application of all real estate investment conditions, you can request legal and real estate advice from the Catalia Real Estate team specialized in the Turkish real estate market, to get expert advice, which helps the success of your investment in Turkey, contact us now as well, there are many investments, Turkey is an abundant country With investment opportunities, how to start investing in Turkey: First, you have to determine your budget, see the Turkish work market, define your goal and your investment field, and consult an expert company in the field of investment that you want. A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by the Notary Public. - Extracting the company's tax number by going to the nearest tax center in your area. Deposit 25% of the capital value in the bank. Three personal photos. The solid Turkish economy, strong infrastructure and government support for these sectors have made investments in all fields profitable and successful projects, and Turkey is now achieving global achievements and ranks at all levels. Catalia Real Estate Advice: You can invest in the real estate sector with an amount of 400 thousand dollars and obtain Turkish citizenship. In Catalia Real Estate, we have a specialized advisory team to guide you in the best possible investment. The Catalia Real Estate team has a lawyer who is familiar with all legal matters regarding companies and investment

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