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Apartment for sale with a marine view

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Vacation Villa
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European Istanbul

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The Douga Construction Company launches its new project in the Atakoy area of ​​the town of Bakkoy, above the plot of land, which it purchased from Sumer Bank in 2004. The project includes 7 buildings for apartments, building hotels and one residential building. The hotel construction and residential construction are independently designed from the project. The project apartments are characterized by being overlooking the sea. Residential construction includes 1+1 and 1+2 household offices. In terms of the location, the project is removed from Ataakoy Marina, a distance of 1 kilometer, the E-5 highway, with a distance of 3 km, and the Eurasia tunnel with a distance of 6 km and from Ataturk Airport with a distance of 8 kilometers. Elias Afji, a member of the Douga Construction Company with regard to the project, said: “The Prova 34 Rising Project on the coast of the town of Berkkoy is consisted of 10 buildings distributed in 7 Risids buildings, building hotels and one housing building. Family 1+4 apartments with an area of ​​310 square meters and 1+5 apartments with an area of ​​363 square meters. All project apartments are characterized by being overlooking the sea and attached to a wide terrace. Rayzids buildings were distributed with two apartments on each floor. It is worth noting that the joint wall between apartments The project is the kitchen wall, which gives the project customers comfort and independence. "

The city is one of the most important investment areas in the world in general and in Turkey in particular. In order to ensure your investment, we have collected for you adequate information about the project.

The project is building in the area

European Istanbul

located in the city

Which is considered one of the most important and modern vital areas in the city, due to its proximity to many service centers, and we mention them

Shopping Center, Municipality, Mosets, Hospital, Schools, Firefighters, Market, Garden, Police Center, Dispensary, Popular Market, Salon Sports, City Center, University

Why this project: There are many means of transportation in the project, such as:

The project is built on an area



Apartment spaces in the project



Transfer bus, metrobus, bus stop, highway

The organizers of the project take care of the brothers with special needs, so they have allocated the following services to ensure their comfort

Car parking space, private elevator, garden, toilet, swimming pool

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